Have You Seen The Smoking Shoes By Prada? WOW!

April 2, 2012 in News by Administrator

Some of you got mad at us for posting a picture on Facebook of a fashionista with a cigarette in hand in hot shoes. Well, how is this one -A HOT SMOKING SHOES! Literally!

First Christian Louboutin served up the SEX shoes (Pictured far below), now Prada is smoking all the way to the bank with this latest Spring-Summer 2012 edition.

This brings to mind Bianca Jagger’s Yves Saint Laurent “Le Smoking” jacket won’t you say?

You have to hand it to Mrs Miuciu Prada. It is creative and very different, we must admit. You might not smoke, but it’s a collectible worth displaying on any mantle piece, if only for the art. This could very well take shoe collecting to a whole new level. Shoes are now making their statements in more ways than one these days. Some are almost becoming “forbidden” to step on. Too good for the road!

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