Grand Slam at The Confessional

February 19, 2024 in Events, News, Uncategorized by TINU NAIJA

The relatively new Japanese swanky restaurant Fushimi, in Times Square, played host to the highly anticipated, and dare I say, newly improved fashion presentation and runway show by The Confessional showroom fashion agency. The usually hip hop haven style Mecca to the stars, drifted away from their usual crowd and nightclub venue favored spots during NYFW, for a more acceptable ambiance by show-hopping fashion mavens and media personalities.

The showroom sent down the runway exquisite creations by emerging designers who could easily hold their weight on a world fashion stage. Cleverly styled and produced, in part by In Black magazine’s stylist and Editor-in-Chief Marcus Blassingame, who expertedly had a riveting Ballerina performance as an intermission midway through the show. Marta Ostrovska took a great part in styling as well.

The first look out were a series of modern takes on Kimono by Byakudan, which almost sent me packing for Japan. The patterns were appropriately timed for the location, which featured a giant golden Koi fish high up on the vast runway area, a prominent center in the establishment. The Japanese restaurant’s intricate decor and ambiance made for a great backdrop for this particular collection.

Beauté Comme Toi took us to Paris and back with sensual, romantic and elegant collection, which harkened back to the elegance of haute couture’s golden age where models showcased garbs in salons. The models embodied pure class and grace as they made their way onto the runway effortlessly in satin, chantily lace, beaded works of art, feathered trimmings, pocket squares, hats and statement accessories. And no details were spared by Catou Wear on the impeccable tailored suits and styling in rich textured fabrication and patterns in the menswear! For a moment, I thought I was at a Bridgeton movie audition! If you’re in the market for a wedding dress or suit, you’d do well to remember this brand.

Another notable one was Nigeria’s designer to the stars, Nazarene Amictus, who has dressed the likes of world renowned Afrobeat artist David O. His edgy, Avantgarde, youthful streetwear designs were extraordinary. The models moved with ease and swagger in rich textured patterns, mix media and layered styles.

Needless to say, fashion wouldn’t be complete without proper accessories!
The gorgeous hats were handcrafted by Anthony Maxwell, as well as the mask, chopsticks, umbrellas & feathered pieces. Shoes were supplied by Ihambi. The beautiful jewelry collection seen glistening on the models were by Sultry Affair Style. Kat & Clarese stood on business with the florals.

The overall production was a smashing success! It definitely took a village to pull it all together so seamlessly, considering it involved various designers with different design concept!

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All of the Kimono designs above by Byakudan

Designs above by Beauté Comme Toi

Some of the designs by Nazarene Amictus

A Rising Star, Bishme Cromartie

February 17, 2024 in General Blogs, News by TINU NAIJA

Fresh off the set of Project Runway, Bishme Cromartie is making great long strides, with potential staying power in the business of fashion space. One of the hit show’s prominent judges, Nina Garcia made a point to drop by and support. A visit normally reserved for established designers/brands. With his debut collection during NYFW, Bishme is taking no prisoners! He has got impeccable eye for details, not only tailoring, but styling and advance technique in the construction of silhouettes.

His range of designs appears to be in moderation and in line with the Avantgarde demands of the fashion conscious social media and AI influence of today, a time when consumers are looking to set themselves apart from the norm. There’s absolutely nothing ordinary about Bishme, he begs to differ! The presentation style showcase at the swanky Ritz-Carlton in NYC, featured a cohesive collection, such as a long gown with “wind-blown” scarf look around and away from the shoulders, exaggerated shawl collar on traditional sports jacket, long tweed coats, with matching cut out bodice on a short dress. Also on offer were edgy sporty options, with a futuristic look. A fresh take on athleisure, to a night out on the town. The collection appears to be diverse for all ages, youthful, and at various levels of comfort. Shoes were supplied by Katy Perry Collection.

Bishme Cromartie is definitely one to watch.

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Bishme Cromartie and Nina Garcia

Bishme Cromartie

Tinu with Bishme Cromartie at his NYFW presentation

Pop Life at Cesar Galindo

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Pack your bags, book your tickets and hotels and jump on the next thing smoking to… perhaps Palm Springs or St. Barths! Cesar Galindo’s FW24 Runway Show falls nothing short of a resort wear for the upcoming winter season. Catering to the ladies (and some gents) of discerning taste. Pop life in the Riviera, or “Twiggy London” doesn’t fall too behind either.

The collection harkens back to when the swinging 60s fashion was at its peak, an era that still transcends the boundaries of fashion. Supermodel Lu Sierra walk the walk that recalled the 90s model strut. It sent the crowd cheering! A true testament of just how much the elegance in catwalk dramatization is missed. Musical artist and philanthropists Consuelo Vanderbilt held her own elegantly on the ruway as a guest model.

Cesar’s pairing of mix media fabrication and prints was exquisite! Drop shoulder style maxi dresses, smartly tailored sets with encrusted sequin and crystals, many easy fitting silhouettes in breathable fabric made for a better part of the collection. Perfect options for day out with friends for lunch or loungewear at a cocktail party on a yacht! Cesar Galindo clearly has his sights set on a particular clientele of style. He knows his audience.

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Lu Celania Sierra

Consuelo Vanderbilt

The Blues Frederick Anderson at NYFW

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Designer Frederick Anderson took his audience to the “church” by way of music during FW24 Runway Show at NYFW. What a gracious and riveting way to close the week! Powerful vocals and instrumentals of Blues music filled the air ways of The Prince George Ballroom as models paraded through the ornate venue in tailored pieces and intricate lace ensembles. His trademark crocheted were prominent in classic silhouettes dress and draped jackets.

Frederick took inspiration and guidance of his latest collection using the rich culture of Blues musicology from his upbringing in Tennessee. The collection transcended the boundaries of fashion art. Fast becoming a world renowned brand and a designer to be reckoned with on an international level.

Many of the selections were youthful and current, which included delicate lacy shorts, cropped top jacket styles, high slit dresses, see through sequin skirts, and an irresistible free flowing stunning shimmering kaftan. The fresh take on traditional tweed cuts were not to be missed. The entire collection was cohesive, offering looks from day to evening.

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Tinu dressed in Frederick Anderson, with the designer.

Gloved Up at Bibhu Mohapatra

February 14, 2024 in General Blogs, News, Uncategorized by TINU NAIJA

Bibhu Mohapatra’s FW24 fashion show at the swanky Pierre Hotel in New York City had me really thinking about some of my fashionable short and opera length gloves, long forgotten in my closet. It seems to be the reigning accessory at just about every show I’ve covered this season, along with the futuristic design glass handbags on some of the models. Bibhu cleverly paired the gloves with gowns and dresses, a few of which included cinched leather corset style belts, giving some of the dresses an updated edgy and youthful appearance.

A handful of styles featured strong shoulders on dresses and free flowing sleeves in chiffon and delicate pleated chantily lace fabrics. A few AI inspired silhouettes’ sleeves and collars made it down the runway. Bibhu’s intricate detailed beaded work on lace was impeccable. Each of his model embodied true glamour and grace in the collection, a true testament to Bibhu Mohapatra’s sense of style and understanding of his core clientele.

Be sure to watch the runway show video on Facebook and Instagram.

Glass handbag photo by Bobby Heard

Designer Bibhu Mohapatra

Naeem Khan Does Men!

February 13, 2024 in General Blogs, News by TINU NAIJA

It’s not often that I get to pick my jaws off the floor at fashion shows. Naeem Khan’s FW24 collection at the NYFW yesterday had me swooning! Adhering to his classic beaded work on standard silhouettes, Naeem ventured further a bit with airy flowing feathers trimmings and “floating” medieval style long sleeves. It felt like a line up of collection for royalty!

Naeem Khan, a celebrated designer known for his conventional and traditional styles, debuted a small capsule of daring bedazzled men’s wear! It was indeed a pleasant surprise, to say the least! I suppose the brand is no longer exclusive to women! With this, he’s certainly evolving!

Iconic model and muse, Alva Chinn strutted down the runway evoking yesteryears of the golden age of modeling, when models used to move with the clothing without any constricting poses or walk. Alva literally “danced” her way, ever so elegantly and effortlessly down the runway!

Some of Naeem’s long time friends, such as Matt Damon and Ryan Seacrest came out to support. Perhaps one day soon we’ll see them clad in the brand to a red carpet event during award season!

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Iconic model Alva Chinn

Designer Naeem Khan

Model Karolína Kurková dressed in Naeem Khan for the event.

Grandeur at Victor dE Souza

February 12, 2024 in Events, General Blogs, News by TINU NAIJA

if you ever have the need to get your hands on a creation of genuine haute couture in Paris but is out of reach due to the distance or financial means, I’d encourage you to look up one of the best export out of Argentina, conveniently located in New York City! Victor dE Souza has been making a name for himself in the big apple for quite sometime now. His trademark details were quote evident in his recent FW24 collection presentation, which was sponsored by Elektra.

The exquisite billowing, exaggerated sleeves, hand applied rosettes, layered bows and ruffles seemed to have been the theme common throughout the collection. It was cohesive and well thought out. Needless to say, some of the models had slight difficulty navigating comfortably in the shoes which featured giant bows atop the toe area, some of which unraveled while making the journey down the runway.

I must say, I had the honor and privilege to have been dressed in Victor’s designs from head to toe for the show by celebrity stylist Ty-Ron Mayes. During which I discovered, to my surprise, how comfortable his shoes were! He needs to start his own shoe line with immediate urgency, sans the giant bows.

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Tinu in Victor dE Souza, styled by celebrity stylist Ty-Ron Mayes

Megawatt at The Blonds

February 11, 2024 in General Blogs, News, Uncategorized by TINU NAIJA

David and Phillipe’s FW24 Runway collection for The Blonds during NYFW last night, as usual, was exhilarating! They delivered all the bells and whistles that has now come to be expected of the ritzy brand. A go to place for bold names and Rockstars looking to set themselves apart from the norm on any red carpet or world stage for that matter. They’ve got their fingers on the pulse of a fast moving tiktok era that we now live in. With every passing season of shows, they keep evolving with the times with collections and cuts befitting of the LGBT community and to the most quiet girl next door who might want to vamp it up once in a blue moon and be vivacious! The models blazed down the vast runway in shimmering corset, feathered tops, figure hugging jumpsuits, power shoulder jackets and sometimes barely there numbers, towering in staggering heels supplied by their long time collaborator, Christian Louboutin. Some of the models braved their way through despite the pain felt by a handful of them.

The after party carried the same tune as the show’s electrifying energy with legendary dance music icon, Crystal Waters belting some of her popular hits to the packed room at The Standard’s Boom Boom Room. It was indeed a long night of celebration of the brand like no other.

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Tinu with Crystal Waters, Ty-Ron Mayes and The Blonds co-founders David and Phillipe


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There’s one place to go when looking for ponchos, cocoon style, free flowing comfort fashion with a futuristic edge! The one name that is synonymous with upcycled “free spirited” bohemian cuts; is none other than Epperson! His long awaited runway show took place yesterday at the landmarked Hotel Edison, on Times Square, produced by his long time friend Nole Marin. The who’s who of black media and beyond showed up in full support. The staging of the show featured prominent black authors’ books displayed as centered piece for some of the models to leisurely lounge and “read” while the show goes on. A profound reminder and an honor to the ongoing black history month celebration in the country. Upon the conclusion of the show, the entire room stood up to give him the well earned standing ovation! Bravo Epperson!

Video of the show can be seen on Facebook and Instagram.

Mr. Epperson

A Revolutionary Men’s Fashion @NYFW

February 10, 2024 in Events, General Blogs, Men, News, Uncategorized by TINU NAIJA

Men’s fashion has certainly come full circle when you dig deep into the encyclopedia of Menswear over the ages, I mean as far back as the stone age! The FW24 New York Men’s Day at the NYFW was revolutionary!

Agentry PR, spearheaded by fashion industry magnate Erin Hawker, in association with Hilldun, lined up some of the best emerging fashion menswear designers in a presentation production. Each room in a landmark building near Hudson Yards showcased 8 different designers such as; The Salting, Tarpley, Pas Une Marque, Bulan, Terry Singh, Sivan, Y.Chroma by Max Israel, and Landeros.

Gone are the conventional ways of men clad in the predictable drips. Needless to say, Y.Chroma by Max Israel in particular, had a room full of seasoned well groomed male models, akin to an audition holding room for “The Bachelor” TV show, which had every visitor’s heart fluttered with excitement as they walked in to view the collection.

Quite noticeable were collections by such designers like Bulan who utilized sustainable products, upcycled to wearable art. Landeros cleverly reimagined decades old tuxedo into a new age, futuristic tailored ensemble, well suited for both genders. Jack Sivan’s bespoke tailoring took us to the future in spectacular advanced tailored suits that had viewers thinking they were on a movie set. Sean Coutts, who’s self-taught and designing since age 20, under his brand Pas Une Marque, says his inspiration is very philosophically driven.

View the video of all the collections on Facebook and Instagram.

Designs above by Jack Sivan

Sean Coutts with his models in Pas Une Marque

Models above in Landerous

Model in Terry Singh

Sustainable fashion by Bulan