What would you put in your (boot) pocket?

May 31, 2022 in General Blogs, News by TINU NAIJA

Since the 2019 runway debut of Prada’s iconic Monolith boot, fashion insiders, influencers and lovers of all things chunky have been kept in a chokehold. Three years and three price hikes later, they’re still one of the brands most coveted shoes! I myself have spent time salivating over them while grappling with the price, looking for ways to justify my urges until I ultimately gave in and indulged in my desires. They’re lightweight, comfortable and bounce when I walk, but the feature that stands out the most are the instantly recognizable side pouches!

I get asked two questions when I wear the boots, but by far the most common is, “What do you put in the pouches?” I’d always joke around and say, “chicken nuggets!” In fact, I’d never given it much thought as to how useful the pouches would be until I wore them out dancing and put my identification cards, a bit of cash, and a piece of gum for the ride home. I felt a little more free as there was no need to carry a wallet or bag. 

While the pouches are novelty embellishments, they’re quite useful. So tell me, what do you keep in your pouch?

Written by Tevin Evans @fatchuckbass

Fashion is Back in NYC!

May 11, 2022 in Events, General Blogs, News, Uncategorized by TINU NAIJA

After two year haitus of key fashion events, among many other things…NY fashion scene is roaring back with a vengeance. Not even corona could hold back the raw talents embedded within the tough fabric of the creative world. The Fashion Group International had a splendid award luncheon today in NYC, ushering in the next wave of emerging talents worthy of a much needed spotlight, including last year’s winner Eppersonn who won via virtual last year. Recipients of the awards ranged from new brands and designers, to well established legends in the industry who also got recognitions for paving the way. Legendary designer Byron Lars for instance, was presented with the President’s award for excellence. The competitive award categories included beauty, accessories, retail, men’s and women’s wear, etc. Many notables in the industry were in attendance…sans the mask! It felt good to be in a room full of fashion luminaries again and not via zoom, as it was the previous year due to the pandemic.

The FGI, as it is popularly known, provides members network with a forum for discussion and connection across all sectors through programming focused on the industry’s most current and crucial topics, recognition of emerging talent and trends at the zeitgeist of innovation. And offers a platform of resources for business development and career advancement at all levels.  

We’re hoping for a continuous safe, fun and friendly events across all sectors from here on out. It’s safe to say we’re all over the “Rona”. Let’s get on with the show!


Byron Lars and Jason Wu
Lynn Yeager
Nicole Fischelis and Freddie Leiba
Eppersonn and Musa Jackson
Linda Fargo
Vera Wang
Loris Diran and Angeline Urie
Frederick Anderson, Musa Jackson and Terry Singh
Jean Shafiroff

Masika Kalysha for Shoeholics

April 11, 2018 in Events, News by Bernd Ruhl

April-June 2018 edition

The spring season  is about new beginnings, new growth and the opportunity to weed out the bad to make room for the good and new. In this spring edition we bring you the story of Renee Olstead, a personality whose face is familiar to most of us. Read the story behind the face we’ve seen countless times on TV and on the big screen as well. We caught up with the woman who began her career as a child actor and who by age 12 had already signed on for two music albums.

Anita Quansha is someone we’d love for you to meet – not only because she is incredibly creative but also because of the way she blends her own heritage with modern fashion. This jewelry designer is responsible for creating some stunning accessories and even more stunning shoes! Another entrepreneur who brings us jaw-dropping shoes with a creative new twist: see through shoes via her Transparent collection, is Jessica Rich. She is all about bringing women the opportunity to create that million-dollar look without breaking the bank.

Cover star: Masika Kalysha is a reality TV star and a self described She.E.O and Mompreneur who has launched her own line of successful cosmetics. What makes her products special is the fact that they are gluten and paraben free, vegan and 100% cruelty free. We also caught up with the red haired rapper and female Eminem, Justina Valentine. The lyrics of her songs are breathtaking in their audacity and we were curious to know what makes her tick.

We have something for a much overlook Shoeholic demographic: men; particularly who are wondering what kind of shoes to wear at their own spring wedding! Color, style and other tips for choosing the right shoes! 

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New Year New Edition with Patrizia Yanguela

January 10, 2018 in Events, General Blogs, News by Bernd Ruhl

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Happy New Year Shoeholics! It is always our endeavor to try and bring you stories of people that interest, inspire and entertain; those who’s talent, grit and determination has resulted in them becoming achievers in their respective fields.

In this edition we share with you people in glamour and fashion; their stories and their achievements and also offer you some useful tips and tricks:

Matt Sarafa is a Reality TV star and designer who started to make a name for himself really early in life. We caught up with the start of the TV show Project Runway Junior and found out about his unique, edgy fashion sense and his makeup tutorials on YouTube.

We also feature Allison King – someone who has worked alongside the likes of John Hamm and Jamie Foxx. We found out all about what inspires Allison, her fashion sense and of course her Shoeholism as well!

You will also meet Mellissa Carache. She is someone who inspires us with her talent and grit. In love with acting from age 5 she now has her own Facebook web series and several other claims to fame, as you will find out. The story of Alexis Hefley is another that inspires us all because of the beautiful shoes that her company makes as well as the worthy cause that she and her company contribute to: read all about Uwezo Brands – the shoes with style and the woman of substance!

We also caught up with our cover model Patrizia Yanguela– someone who embraced fashion and modeling relatively late in life. Find out all about how she wandered into exotic and fitness modeling; who now has a huge social media following as well.

You’ll get a chance to discover Janet Schoenborn, who is the creative force behind the adorable little baby shoes from the Robeez brand. Not only is Janet a success story that inspires, the shoes she helps create provides practical solutions for little feet and let your little one step out in style.

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It’s The Holiday Issue!

October 17, 2017 in Events, News by Bernd Ruhl

Winters are about the holidays, about spreading the warmth and being thankful… but let’s face it, they are also the reason to shop, give and receive gifts, replenish our wardrobes and shoe closets!

As with every single one of our issues, our Holiday Issue is packed with stories full of inspiration and information. This issue also showcases some fascinating Fashionistas and Shoeholics. Read all about Natalia Kapchuk, a model since age 12; also a TV personality and artist who has many claims to fame; who is in fact famous from London to Dubai to India!

We also bring you the story of cancer survivor Yasmeen Simreen. We found her story fascinating for so many reasons: she has had a conservative upbringing but is a determined fashionista.

We introduce you to some social media personalities – who happen to be Shoeholics by the way. Abigail Ratchford and Chinyenum Amadi are both drop dead gorgeous

This edition also features two amazing men: Irwin Randle may be a grandfather but he has more energy and a better sense of style than most young men will ever hope to have. He has earned himself the rather interesting sobriquet of #MrStealYourGrandma and when you read our write up about him, you will know why.

Nigerian born artist Laolu Senbanjo utterly fascinating; and not just because he paints shoes! The world is his canvas and he has collaborated with the likes of Beyoncé to bring alive some truly inspirational and incredible art. And he paints shoes! Did we mention that?

As with all of our issues we also bring you useful tips that you can use for the holiday season. Those of us that love our shoes (which is all of us) also love shoe accessories that some brilliant people thoughtfully invented for us…these accessories may be just the thing you will give ‘thanks’ for.

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Coco Covers Shoeholics!

July 17, 2017 in Events, News by Bernd Ruhl

July-Sept 2017 edition


Summer is when you can get really creative with footwear, so we wanted to give you some tips about how to put your best foot forward… literally. In this issue we have some simple, everyday foot care tips that will keep your feet pretty and healthy (all the better to show off those summer shoes!). If you’re going to show off your feet, do it properly!

In this issue, we introduce you to a Glamazon like no other – Coco is a dancer, actress, pinup girl and she is married to Ice-T. We found out all about this devoted mom and Shoeholic and she had all sorts of interesting details about herself to share with us… such as the fact that she believes shoes are jewelry for the feet and that she has about 800 pairs now that we gave away about 300 pairs! Rasheeda Frost is another Shoeholic we featured among our pages in this edition. The social media sensation, rapper and entrepreneur has so many claims to fame, we found it difficult to cover them all! We bring you some excerpts from an exclusive tête-à-tête that we had with her.

We also decided to find out more about YouTube dancing sensation and choreographer Yanis Marshall because of how incredibly well the man dances in high heels! He is something of a star in Britain, where his trio of dancers reached the finals of the hit show Britain’s Got Talent. We drooled a bit over his shoes and then had our jaws drop at his amazing choreography too!

As usual we also tell you about designers and entrepreneurs who are doing some amazing things with and for the shoe industry. Kira Goodey’s fantasy shoes are just incredible – they are stunning, completely original and they are fully functional at the same time. We found out more about Kira’s grounding in traditional footwear making techniques that have resulted in the flights of fancy that are her shoes! We also caught up with Bonnie Gironella, the entrepreneur who has designed and created whimsical but practical storage solutions for all your precious boots. Read on to know more about her and her creation Bootniks.

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The Biggest Night In Fashion…The Met Gala!

May 2, 2017 in News by Bernd Ruhl

The annual event of the Met Gala delivered all that was expected…glitz, glamour and beyond in New York today. The event raised millions of dollars for the Met Museum costumes institute and with it a parade of Hollywood elite and young starlets who showcased many fashionable attires. Some were creative, some played it safe while a few nailed the theme. The 69th annual Met Ball was themed Rei Kawakubo/Commes des Garcons. Without further ado… here are some of our favorites below…

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gallery-1493687879-janelle-monae-met-gala-red-carpet-dress-2017 rita-ora-met-gala-dress-2017 allison-williams-met-gala-2017-dress ashley-graham-met-gala-dress-2017 gallery-1493681955-zoe-kravitz-met-gala-2017-red-carpet-dress miranda-kerr-met-gala-dress-2017 serena-williams-met-gala-dress-2017 solange-met-gala-dress-2017 zendaya-met-gala-dress-2017 gallery-1493684456-blake-lively-met-gala-dress-red-carpet-2017 gettyimages-675581210 kendall-jenner-met-gala-red-carpet-dress-2017 presley-walker-gerber-met-gala-2017 rihanna-met-gala-dress-2017 gallery-1493684397-halle-berry-met-gala-2017-red-carpet-dress gettyimages-675582100 priyanka-chopra-met-gala-2017-dress tracee-ellis-ross-dress-met-gala-2017 gallery-1493683360-diane-kruger-prada-met-gala-dress-2017 haley-bennett-met-gala-dress-2017 kate-hudson-met-gala-dress-2017 nick-jonas-met-gala-2017 cara-delevingne-met-gala-dress-2017 gallery-1493684797-jennifer-lopez-met-gala-blue-dress-2017 thandie-newton-met-gala-2017-red-carpet-dress gallery-1493682801-kylie-jenner-versace-dress-met-gala-2017 gigi-hadid-tommy-hilfiger-met-gala-dress-2017 nicki-minaj-met-gala-dress-2017

The Higher The Heels…Spring Issue Is Here!

April 12, 2017 in Events, News by Bernd Ruhl


April-June 2017 issue

As always, this issue is a mixed bag; packed with useful info, awesome individuals, designers and even more awesome shoes. We also throw in some pointers for the spring-summer bride to be; so there is something for everyone!

In this issue we meet an exotic Russian-Italian shoe designer who has already established himself as a force to reckon within Europe and parts of Asia. Yarose Shulzhenko and his designs are now heading to America and we decided to find out all about the designer and his sexy, desirable designs; which still use traditional shoe making techniques.

All Pages-23

Also includes couture designers Ralph and Russo!

We’ve also featured several shoe enthusiasts: Drea Avent is a sportscaster; a woman in what is still very much a man’s world. We caught up with the self confessed tomboy fashionista and found out all about her unique sports production company, the quintessence of her style mantra and her deep and abiding love for shoes. Brooke Lewis is, among other things, a Scream Queen. Not sure what that is? Well you’ll find out all about that among the pages of this issue.

All Pages-19

Garcelle Beauvais is a face most of us are familiar with. The Haitian-American star has made her presence felt in show biz for a long time now; showing some enviable staying power in a notoriously fickle industry. We are delighted tell you a bit more about her and her upcoming projects; including the highly anticipated summer blockbuster Spiderman feature film.

Those of us who are much into social media; particularly YouTube, probably know about her already: Syd Wilder is wildly funny; also exceedingly sexy and an influencer to boot! We also found out what makes this standup comic, Youtuber, and social media star tick.

All Pages-28Readers looking to get hitched this season may also find some useful takeaways in this edition: we strongly feel that our shoes can and should say something about our personalities. This is as true for brides. Not sure what that means? Here’s a hint: are you a star bride, a budget bride or a nervous bride? Find out! CLICK HERE to get your very own hard copy mailed to you worldwide!


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Behind the Scenes with Coco!

March 15, 2017 in News by Bernd Ruhl

Breaking with traditions here at Shoeholics, we share with you a behind the scenes footage (a first for us) of an upcoming issue with the down to earth Coco Austin. The lovely TV personality star invited Shoeholics magazine into her closet, a first for any magazine at the home she shares with her husband Ice T and their adorable baby Chanel. Coco shared with her Snapchat fans some video footage that soon made its way onto E News, Daily Mail and other international entertainment outlets. We’re not complaining at all, in fact, we welcome it wholeheartedly. Look out for the July-Sept 2017 issue where you will get up close and personal details of Coco and that massive shoe closet! Sign up now, don’t miss it!

In Daily Mail‘s own words…

Coco Austin is giving everyone a case of serious wardrobe envy.

The 37-year-old glamour model showed off her amazing walk-in wardrobe – as well as her pins – with a series of behind-the-scenes photos on Snapchat on Saturday.

‘Behind the scenes of Shoeholics Magazine….’ she captioned one photo, which showed her reclining on a red stiletto-shaped chair, one of her own stiletto-clad feet kicked high up into the air.

Scroll down for video 

Pin-up girl: Coco Austin kicked up her legs during a photo shoot for Shoeholics magazine, which went inside the star's enviable closet

Pin-up girl: Coco Austin kicked up her legs during a photo shoot for Shoeholics magazine, which went inside the star’s enviable closet

Dressed in a figure-hugging leopard-print dress, the sexy star stared provocatively at the camera as she leaned back on the quirky sofa and raised her right leg high above her head.

Other photos showed the blonde bombshell – this time clad in a low-cut, slinky black dress, which showed off her ample cleavage, and strappy gold stilettos – posing seductively on her island dresser, below an elaborate chandelier.

Surrounding the curvy reality star is her jam-packed wardrobe, which includes shelves filled with sunglasses and designer handbags.

Striking a pose: The 37-year-old glamour model was seen lazing seductively on her island dresser, her ample cleavage on full display

Jam-packed: The reality star's wardrobe looks more like a store, packed floor to ceiling with clothes and accessories

The racks behind her are straining with clothes, and a jewelry stand can be seen behind her on her dresser, packed with gold and silver bangles.

But it’s her color-coordinated shoe closet that really takes out the top spot.

In a photo posted to her Instagram on Friday, Coco shared a picture of herself standing in her shoe closet with her 15-month-old daughter, Chanel, and the family’s bulldog, Max.

CoCo Austin snaps behind the scenes photo shoot for Shoeholics

Flaunting it: Never shy, Coco showed off her lean legs and sizable bust in a slinky black dress and gold stilettos

Flaunting it: Never shy, Coco showed off her lean legs and sizable bust in a slinky black dress and gold stilettos

In the bag: While the sexy starlet posed seductively on her dresser, it was the packed wardrobe behind her which really piqued our interest

Surrounding the trio are floor-to-ceiling shelves packed with the heel-loving model’s sky-high stilettos in every color and style imaginable.

The floor is covered with leopard-print carpet, and to the side, a red lounge chair with a graphic print black cushion can be seen.

‘When u attempt to take a sexy outfit pic & baby and dogs won’t let you. lol,’ she captioned the jaw-dropping photo. ‘It’s tough to balance everything but I like the challenge.’

Shoe in: The model's shoe closet is chock-full of shelves of colorful stilettos, all color-coordinated 

Oscars! Of Course The Fashion!

February 27, 2017 in News by Bernd Ruhl

What will another year in fashion be without the Oscars and all the glamour that comes with it! It’s Hollywood’s biggest night as well as fashion’s biggest runway! We couldn’t resist the temptation! Here are some of the hits and …misses spotted at the coveted affair, the 89th annual Academy Awards.

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rs_634x1024-170226161746-634-academy-awards-oscars-2017-arrivals-dakota-johnson rs_634x1024-170226133856-634.zuri-hall.cm.22617 rs_634x1024-170226163100-634-academy-awards-oscars-2017-arrivals-scarlett-johansson rs_634x1024-170226163325-634-nicole-kidman-2017-Oscars-Awards rs_634x1024-170226163515-634-academy-awards-oscars-2017-arrivals-emma-stoners_634x1024-170226134418-634-ryan-seacrest-2017-Oscars-Awards rs_634x1024-170226142336-634-Cynthia-Erivo-academy-awrds-oscars-arrivals-2017 rs_634x1024-170226143458-634.Blanca-Blanco.cm.22617 rs_634x1024-170226144353-634-academy-awards-oscars-2017-arrivals-olivia-culpo rs_634x1024-170226152835-634-academy-awards-oscars-2017-arrivals-karlie-kloss rs_634x1024-170226153556-634-academy-awards-oscars-2017-arrivals-leslie-mann rs_634x1024-170226153921-634-taraji-p-hensen.cm.22617 rs_634x1024-170226154850-634-academy-awards-oscars-2017-arrivals-Pharrell-Williams rs_634x1024-170226155027-634.kirsten-dunst.cm.22617 rs_634x1024-170226155519-634-academy-awards-oscars-2017-arrivals-octavia-spencer rs_634x1024-170226160233-634.jessica-biel.cm.22617 rs_634x1024-170226160332-634-academy-awards-oscars-2017-arrivals-chrissy-tiegen rs_634x1024-170226160901-634-justin-timberlake.cm.22617 rs_634x1024-170226161705-634-2-janelle-monae-2017-Oscars-Awards

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