Halle Berry To Give Shoes To Her Daughter Featured

April 21, 2012 in News by change

Halle Berry is saving her shoes for her daughter because she herself still wears footwear previously owned by her mother that has now come back into fashion.

The Oscar winner still owns footwear that was given to her by her mother and hopes one day to hand her own pumps down to four-year-old Nahla for when they come back into fashion.
She said: ”I think shoes after something that, through time, will always come back in fashion again. I had shoes my mother gave to me from the 1970s that I wore a few years ago. So yes, I’m thinking of that for my daughter.”
Halle Berry takes very good care of her shoes like most of us here and even has a dedicated room to neatly display and show them off.

”I’m pretty addicted. I have thousands of pairs and I have a real relationship with them. I think many women do,” she explained.

”Shoes are like a good hairdo; they reflect how we feel. If you’re feeling sexy, fun, sporty, if you’re feeling casual … your shoes say a lot about you.
”I have a storage room where I keep them all, in their boxes with a picture of each pair taped to the outside. I’m pretty obsessive.”

I think a lot of women can take a page out of Halle’s book. To NEVER throw away any well made shoes and to treat them like family heirlooms! As the saying goes, there is nothing new under the sun. What is past trend now will be back in fashion again in a few years, just like leopard prints every fall season!

The actress just recent launched her own shoe line called “5th Avenue” in collaboration with the German company, Deichmann Shoes.

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