Harry Porter Author J.K. Rowling Has Heel Fetish!

April 28, 2014 in News by Administrator

The world renowned author of the Harry Porter series recently admitted to her massive obsession…fetish for skyscraper stiletto!

J.K. Rowling said  the taller the better – and confessed herself no exception to the millions of women ‘obsessed’ by shoes. That means she’s one of us!

‘Naturally. I’m not a pumps girl, I’m not a sensible flats girl’, Rowling, 48, said before speculating on ‘the power and myth of the shoe’, which she described as the most ‘mythologised, fetishised’ fashion item of all.

She said, ‘There are far more important things in life than shoes. But having said that, I like shoes and I have often wondered in a vague way why women are so obsessed with this particular item of clothing.

‘And I think it is undeniable that probably shoes do come first in the most mythologised, fetishised item list, I’d say.

‘So I thought this was a great opportunity to investigate that, and I thought how often shoes turn up in stories and fairy tales and why is that. What is the power and myth of the shoe?’

However, she admitted that – even for her – flats have their place. She said: ‘I do own some flat boots, because there does come a point when it gets a little bit ridiculous – you need to be able to walk the dog, and I do walk the dog, and I don’t do that in stilettos.’

Judging by the series of images below of the author in staggering heels we can fully understand. She looks gorgeous!

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