What would you put in your (boot) pocket?

May 31, 2022 in General Blogs, News by TINU NAIJA

Since the 2019 runway debut of Prada’s iconic Monolith boot, fashion insiders, influencers and lovers of all things chunky have been kept in a chokehold. Three years and three price hikes later, they’re still one of the brands most coveted shoes! I myself have spent time salivating over them while grappling with the price, looking for ways to justify my urges until I ultimately gave in and indulged in my desires. They’re lightweight, comfortable and bounce when I walk, but the feature that stands out the most are the instantly recognizable side pouches!

I get asked two questions when I wear the boots, but by far the most common is, “What do you put in the pouches?” I’d always joke around and say, “chicken nuggets!” In fact, I’d never given it much thought as to how useful the pouches would be until I wore them out dancing and put my identification cards, a bit of cash, and a piece of gum for the ride home. I felt a little more free as there was no need to carry a wallet or bag. 

While the pouches are novelty embellishments, they’re quite useful. So tell me, what do you keep in your pouch?

Written by Tevin Evans @fatchuckbass

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