Anna Wintour! OH MY! What happened?

September 25, 2013 in News by Administrator

We think it’s safe to assume that everyone who loves fashion also….kind of loves Vogue magazine’s main editor, Anna Wintour. Having said that, we were heartbroken when a Shoeholic member who is currently in Italy right now attending  Milan Fashion Week submitted these photos of the style maker who was seen darting about between shows. Hmm…no one is perfect but…got to say we didn’t see this one coming. Our very own Editor, Tinu is no angel either. She’s known for her long toes. Nonetheless, she’s never seen in less than stellar shoes. Needless to say, Anna Wintour looked fashionably read for the front row from the knees up! Hey! We all have our days! We understand. 🙂

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