Shoeholics Magazine Anniversary/Holiday Party: POST COVERAGE

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First, preview the event video footage below to get a visual sense of the party. The party had no shortage of gorgeous shoes on men and women!

Shoeholics Magazine anniversary/holiday party went off with a big bang on Thursday, November 29, 2012 in New York City! First, we would like to acknowledge the captivating host, Sierra Scott, a radio/TV personality and Shoeholics Magazine holiday issue cover feature who came to New York from Kansas for the event. She helped make the event’s program seem effortless. We are very grateful to her for such dedication and support of the publication. The gold sponsor Kelley Simons from Slingbackers  dazzled in patent leather strappy gold sandals and designer blue dress. She appeared to be a die hard and dedicated Shoeholics, true to form. Kelley’s company is responsible for the wonderful problem solving products that makes wearing pants comfortable with sandals. Wearing pants & sandals has never been so much fun and easier because of her. Other supporters who made the night a big success are Lady’s Secret with the comfy foot/shoe pads, Moksha for the Masai printed scarves, PediCouture for the lovely 5 toe separator slippers, TiteGrip for the sweaty feet solution products, Travalo for the travel size perfume dispensers, Sukari Treats for the delicious shoe themed cupcakes, Pranna for the lovely venue, Yeye Osofisan at The UpperRoom Events for the flawless management and coordination of the event, including the decorations! The shoe themed Christmas Tree and Shoe shaped Minorah had stiff competitions as one of the most photographed decorated centerpieces at the event. The jaw dropping Dukas leg heel shoes encased in a lit up glass dome atop multilayer bed of roses and gardenias designed by The UpperRoom Events team almost stole the show! Dukas had this shoe exclusively designed for the party using our trademark vibrant purple color on the heels and shimmering leather for the pointy toe shoes. It was breathtaking!

Dukas leg heel shoes in glass dome flower layer decor by The UpperRoom Events. Photo by Chandon Oton

Sukari Treats shoe themed cupcake display. Photo by David Idowu for Dotz Media

Also, we could not have pulled the night off without our raffle sponsors and supporters for such lovely jaw dropping shoes and handbags! We are very thankful to Giuseppe Zanotti for the lovely handbag won by Semhar Samuels, Francesco Sacco for the 2 pairs won by Alvertis Alexander and Shantelle Yvonne, Massimo Dogana for the 2 pairs and a matching handbag won by Ann Marie Yali and Nicole Griggs, Minna Parikka for the 2 pairs won by Diata Wallace and Ebony Edwards, Casadei boots (gifted by a Shoeholics Club supporter) won by Lori Edwards. The Tinu Shoebag (shoe shaped handbag) was awarded to the Best Shoes winner handpicked by the designer and Creative Director of herself. Tinu in custom made Francesco Sacco designed black suede, Swarovski crystals embellished sandals, selected Flory Ramoreboli who actually designed her own shoes for the party!

Italian designer Massimo Dogana flew in from Italy to not only observe as a sponsor but to also serve as one of the judges along with Kenneth Clark from Sukari Treats to pick the Myrtle Awards Shoe Cake of the Year winner. The award winning underdog was none other than Jose Rodriguez for Monkeying Around from California, US. Members, fans and readers of Shoeholics Magazine and Club helped narrow the selection that took a little over 2 weeks to complete.

The entertainment of the evening was provided by the lovely belly dancer Venus who made her first trip in over a year to New York City from southern New Jersey for the performance. She dazzled and captivated the guests with many belly dancing classics in exotic Arabian customs and accessorized with swords, lights, veils et. al. She attended the event with some of her closest friends and family members.

Proud sponsor Kelley Simons of Slingbackers had this to say after the event, “Wow! The Shoeholics Anniversary Party was a huge success in so many ways. For Shoeholics, as they rejoice in a great first year, with so much to celebrate and for Slingbackers… The Heel Wedge Solution, as I launched…feet first….so to speak…into the marketplace!  As a proud sponsor of the event, Shoeholics was the perfect fit and venue to showcase my product and get new found exposure. What better way  to market a product for shoes …than to women who love wearing shoes! Slingbackers …The Heel Wedge Solution….Never catch your clothes in between your heels and Slingback shoes again! Cheers and much continued success Shoeholics!” –Kelley Simons, President Slingbackers

Thanks to photographers Sean Jackman, David Idowu, Chanda Oton, Kalechi and Linda Noel for providing us these lovely images for us to use in remembering the extravagant night many years to come. Thank you all for helping us through our first year. God willing this would be a first of many more! 🙂

Below are a few selection of pictures gathered from the event but the full gallery of photos can be seen at Shoeholics Facebook photo album. So join the page and keep an eye out for daily postings!

Full coverage will also appear in the April-June 2013 issue of Shoeholics Magazine, in stores in 2013. Don’t miss it. Get your subscription at Shoeholics store page now or check your location stores in April. Thanks for joining us on this wonderful journey. Happy holidays!

Semhar Samuels with her raffle winning prize, a Giuseppe Zanotti handbag. Photo by Sean Jackman

Diata Wallace with her raffle winning prize, a rabbit ear design by Minna Parikka. Photo by Sean Jackman


Ann Marie Yali with her raffle winning prize designed by Massimo Dogana. She won the shoes and its matching bag! Lucky girl. Photo by Sean Jackman

Alvertis Alexander with her winning prize: Francesco Sacco sandals. Congratulations!

The trademarked/patented Tinu Shoebag®, a shoe shaped handbag designed by Creative Director Tinu. A gift presented to the Best Dressed/Shoes. Photo by Sean Jackman

Proud sponsor Kelley Simons of Slingbackers. Photo by Tinu

Belly Dancer Venus at the party. She was AMAZING! Photo by David Idowu for Dotz Media

Italian designer Massimo Dogana with his guest J.T. Anderson at the party. Photo by David Idowu for Dotz Media

Shoeholics Magazine model Marina Cavalini at the party in Sergio Rossi shoes. Gorgeous! Photo by Tinu

A guest signing up for the raffle at the party. Photo by David Idowu for Dotz Media

A fiercely fashionable guest at the party. Photo by David Idowu for Dotz Media

Creative Director Tinu with Shoeholics Club member Melissa Fayson at the party. Photo by David Idowu for Dotz Media

Designer Gilles Montezin. Photo by Sean Jackman

Guests nibbled on shoe themed cupcake dessert served by proud sponsor Sukari Treats. Photo by Sean Jackman

VH1 TV personality Elizabeth Ann at the party. Photo by Sean Jackman

Shoeholics Club member Melissa Fayson at the party. Photo by Sean Jackman

Guests at the party. Photo by Sean Jackman

Shoeholics Club member Shanta at the party. Photo by Sean Jackman


Shoe themed Christmas Tree. Photo by Chanda Oton

Shoe Minorah. Photo by David Idowu for Dotz Media


Some lucky guests left with gift bags containing some of these lovely items from our sponsors. Also featured on our pre-event page

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