Auction of Prince Shoes & Fashion!

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A rare opportunity just popped up on our radar! If you’re a big fan of the legendary artist Prince, then you definitely don’t want to miss this! A handful of his iconic fashionable belongings just hit the auction block. Under the auspices of RR Auction, the items are up for grabs by way of what is anticipated to be a fierce bidding war for these rare one of a kind pieces. Some of which includes his white ruffled shirt and brooches worn during his triumphant 1985 AMA performance of Purple Rain, his screen-worn outfit and cashmere coat from Under the Cherry Moon, and his stage-worn gold chain hat from the 1993 Act II tour, and much more! Our Editor Tinu was at the unveiling/preview party earlier today to capture these images below. Be sure to visit RRAuction to try your luck. Bidding for this auction closes on November 16, 2023. Good luck! 😃

Bedazzled Angels at The Blonds

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Who needs to go a stadium filled rock concert when you need to look no further than David and Phillippe’s “The Blonds” New York Fashion Week biannual presentations! The bedazzled, high octave corsets, strong shoulder capes, and intricate bejeweled tops and bell bottoms will have you looking for a Narnia closet door to teleport to a rock concert magic land. And be sure not to forget a good pair of staggering Swarovski encrusted high heels, like those Christian Louboutin numbers, complete with Rapunzel luscious length hair salon blown tress, as seen on The Blonds’ models!

The star studded affair on and off the runway was well attended by luminaries of young Hollywood set and LGBTQ community who showed up full support, such as Danielle Brooks, Amanda Lapore, Hit TV show Pose alum, Dominique Jackson, now a fashion runway staple, strutted down the fashion highway like an assertive angel.

Video footage of the show can be seen on instagram.

Swans & Goddesses of Frederick Anderson

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Just when we thought he couldn’t possibly outdo his resort collection, Frederick Anderson delivered yet another jaw dropping ensemble for SS24 at New York Fashion Week! The sprawling Edith Fabbri mansion on the Upper Eastside in Manhattan served as the perfect back drop to bring the storyline of sensual fabrication and intricate knit works to life! Frederick is fast becoming the undisputed King of knitwear at this point, it flowed effortlessly on the models, a fete not many designers in knits have mastered. His fabrications, which included high grade silks, jerseys, luscious satins, were tailored in sensual cuts that flatters the femine body, a very specific look and technique commonly associated with haute couture.

The swan like goddesses of models, of various ethnicities, featured chic off-white voluminous afro hair to set off the collection in true couture spectacular visuals! Frederick Anderson literally set a new bar in New York Fashion Week presentation!

Click here to watch the video footage of the show.

Editor Tinu dressed in Frederick Anderson

Men’s Day @ NYFW

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The Spring Summer 24 season at New York Fashion Week got off to a strong start with a coterie of designer’s at “New York Mens Day” at Hudson Yards. On view, presentation style, were A.Potts, Brandon Murphy, Clara Son, Kent Anthony,

Unisex and strong silhouettes seem to be the general theme, featuring gender fluid futuristic soft play on fabrications by Clara Son, casual chic bejeweled assemble by Kent Anthony, edgy tailored suits for men by Brandon Murphy and feminine cuts in bold gold fabrication and lace structured designs by A.Potts. Aaron A.Potts spoke about the inspirations behind their collections. The video is posted on Facebook and instagram, along with Brandon Murphy, Clara Son, Kent Anthony full fashion presentations.




Clara Son

Clara Son

Kent Anthony

MaxJenny, “Queen of Prints”

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Swedish designer MaxJenny is carving out a niche for herself in New York if her premiere fashion show today is anything to go by. The Swedish Consul General Camilla Mellander graciously offered her lavish Park Avenue pad to host the eclectic and stylish designer’s NYFW show today. The medley of styles (for all genders) sent down the sistine chapel ceiling inspired runway definitely did not disappoint. I think even the most jaded stylist and fashionista would concur. Prior to today, I’d never heard of the designer. To my surprise she’d dressed the likes of Madonna and the Swedish Crown Princess Victoria! MaxJenny’s fresh and approachable romantic fun take on print had me looking up where to acquire some her designs shortly after the show. She’s definitely one to watch.

MaxJenny and host Camilla Mellander
A design by MaxJenny

Fashion For A Cause

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The 7th Annual Blue Jacket Fashion Show for Prostate Cancer Awareness left no stone unturned. The award winning designer and founder, Frederick Anderson pulled out all the stops by enlisting some bold name notables from his rolodex to sashay down the runway for a cause. An awareness for Prostate Cancer that just about benefits a great number of men worldwide. An effort to normalize regular check ups for the sake of good health and well being. But of course, why not use a fun-filled fashion show to draw the much needed attention to where it matters!

Heart surgeons, CNN news anchor, editors, actors…turned models for day did the event much needed justice bringing in great sense of humor and style to the runway. Ones to note in the video footage below includes but not limited to beloved CNN bad boy news anchor Don Lemon (who made my heart melt by vying off the runway to tell me how good I looked. See the video), seasoned model and Harlem ambassador Musa Jackson who gave me a cheek kisses (yes, I’m still blushing), celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson, Sex & The City Mario Cantone, celebrity stylist Ty-Ron Mayes who practically almost stole the show in breathtaking spiked shoulders and corset with killer sashay! Ahh…a night to remember indeed.

100% of all tickets generated from the show will directly go to ZERO Prostate Cancer.

Celebrity stylist Ty-Ron Mayes
Designer and founder Frederick Anderson
Designer Terry Singh
Fashion Photography & filmaker Nigel Barker
TV Personality James Aguiar
Model, Editor & Harlem Ambassador Musa Jackson
Designer Epperson and Actor Souleymane Sy Savane
CNN Anchor Don Lemon

Fashion is Back in NYC!

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After two year haitus of key fashion events, among many other things…NY fashion scene is roaring back with a vengeance. Not even corona could hold back the raw talents embedded within the tough fabric of the creative world. The Fashion Group International had a splendid award luncheon today in NYC, ushering in the next wave of emerging talents worthy of a much needed spotlight, including last year’s winner Eppersonn who won via virtual last year. Recipients of the awards ranged from new brands and designers, to well established legends in the industry who also got recognitions for paving the way. Legendary designer Byron Lars for instance, was presented with the President’s award for excellence. The competitive award categories included beauty, accessories, retail, men’s and women’s wear, etc. Many notables in the industry were in attendance…sans the mask! It felt good to be in a room full of fashion luminaries again and not via zoom, as it was the previous year due to the pandemic.

The FGI, as it is popularly known, provides members network with a forum for discussion and connection across all sectors through programming focused on the industry’s most current and crucial topics, recognition of emerging talent and trends at the zeitgeist of innovation. And offers a platform of resources for business development and career advancement at all levels.  

We’re hoping for a continuous safe, fun and friendly events across all sectors from here on out. It’s safe to say we’re all over the “Rona”. Let’s get on with the show!


Byron Lars and Jason Wu
Lynn Yeager
Nicole Fischelis and Freddie Leiba
Eppersonn and Musa Jackson
Linda Fargo
Vera Wang
Frederick Anderson, Musa Jackson and Terry Singh
Jean Shafiroff

Favorites From The AMAs Red Carpet

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Sizzling looks at the American Music Awards! Tough to pick a favorite. Perhaps you might have a few favorite of your own from our selected red carpet looks featured below. Not a bad look in the house! Kudos to everyone!

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Shoeholics 2015 Holiday Issue Will Melt Your Heart!

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Oct-Dec 2015 Holiday Issue

Who needs Hermes bag when you can have a bundle of irresistible cuteness dressed in the latest fashion garbs at the end of a leash to show off! Sure the bag is smart, but the pooch is way smarter! And it smiles when the shoes are a winner, and frowns when they are not! Really! Adorable little companions are replacing the “It” bags and turning into the lucky shopping mascot to help with holiday shopping this year (especially the shoes!)

Also in this issue, is the heartwarming story about shoes doing their bit to bridge a seemingly irrevocable political schism in the Middle East. These are Jerusalem Sandals that are the symbol of the peace sought to be wrought between Israelis and Palestinians. Don’t miss reading this!

And who could forget the energetic Lauren Ezersky of the 12-year hit show Behind The Velvet Ropes! Check out her feature & watch her video interview on Shoeholics.TV.

Alas! Jeffrey, the exclusive boutiques in New York & Atlanta in the US that pride themselves on offering shoppers a personal and fun experience. Jeffrey is a brand that believes in giving back through fashion.

And then there is this completely fun element in foot fashion with Silvia Fado and SunSmiles sandals, something that will make you go “Now why hasn’t anyone thought of this before!” SunSmiles sandals are just so cool, the type you can literally wear a hundred different ways – to match your outfit, your mood or your personality!

If nothing else, we do hope to at least inspire your next shopping adventure! CLICK HERE to get your very own free copy mailed to you now worldwide! This is definitely an edition with covers worth framing on your wall!

Preview the video footage below for a glimpse.


Final Draft for Pages-5

Get ready for the holidays!

Final Draft for Pages-24

Final Draft for Pages-15

Architectural footwear design by Silvia Fado

     Final Draft for Pages-6Final Draft for Pages-30 66

Whoopi Goldberg For Shoeholics: An Exclusive!

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AN EXCLUSIVE! Things are coming up Whoopi in this special edition! Anyone who has seen her power packed performance in the gut wrenching “The Color Purple”, or her out there Oda May Brown in “Ghost” has been witness to her astonishing talent and incredible screen presence. Whoopi Goldberg has won an Academy Award and has been nominated for an unbelievable 13 Emmys. In case you’re unable to view the embedded video, CLICK HERE to watch it on our facebook page.

Shoeholics on THE VIEW SHOW!!!Watch Whoopi Goldberg talk about her Shoeholics magazine cover feature on the hit show! Copies are available at thank you so much!!!

Posted by Shoeholics on Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Shoeholics featured on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

This issue highlights her impressive shoe collection and exclusive interview about her personal style and collecting techniques. You might pick up a few shoe tips from her! This edition also includes a feature on one of her favorite shoe designer –American Duchess.

Planning on getting hitched soon? Out with the ordinary and in with something unique! The Marie Antoinette theme editorials will tell you why these wildly romantic shoes could be just the thing you’re looking for. Alas! We dare not leave out the grooms. We’ve got you covered as well.

Preview the video footage below for a sneak peek!

If nothing else, we do hope to at least inspire your next shopping adventure! CLICK HERE to get your very own free copy now!



Back Cover


Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 1.49.18 PM