Wearable Art

Collectible Artistic Wedges

Wedges are no longer boring and frumpy but fast becoming a platform for artist and designers alike to freely express themselves. What used to be a dead weight and space underneath the elevated sole is now an art piece worthy of its own mantle at any museum, enough to rival...Read More »

50 Shades of Grey Pumps

Greek designer Dukas no doubt had his inspiration from the best selling novel “50 Shades of Grey” when he created this art piece. The sleek modern design comes complete with handcuffs at the “ankles” of the heel. Now that’s one hot naughty pair no shoe collector should pass up. Read More »

Colorful Futuristic Fendi

One not need to only wear dark colored shoes for fall. Fendi’s pre-fall collection is looking very promising.
Magnify your sartorial silhouettes with these multi-colored cowhide leather color block print and fur trimmed ankle boots from Fendi featuring a pointed toes, with geometric, futuristic style heels.

Don’t forget to grab your copy...Read More »

Wearable Art: Dare To Be Different

Dare to be different!

We love the shock value, the jaw-dropping design and the insanely complex craftsmanship that goes in this design. So special, no one has ever seen a style this remarkable –besides Lady Gaga of course. Finsk (as it is called by the designer) is breaking barriers and we’re...Read More »

Wearable Art: Cut Out Wedge

Not the kind of wedges we see everyday. With these, you can add a jolt of electric color to your ensemble with this sky-high design in buttery suede with striking metallic leather piping featuring a large cut ou centre, a t-bar strap to the front with a buckle fastening at...Read More »

Pucker Up & Kiss Me!

It’s time to pucker up and kiss me already. Looking for originality? Then you are in luck! These wedges by Privileged will have on lookers kissing the ground you walk on –literally!

Available in white and black at a price you won’t believe!  Get the white pair or the...Read More »

Rabbit Heels For Easter Weekend

We would like to take this time to wish all of our members a Happy Easter. Be sure to have loads of fun during egg hunting this Easter weekend, while wearing your rabbit heel shoes of course. You simply might get inspired and in the spirit by looking at the...Read More »

Sculptured Platform Sneakers

These are not your everyday kind of sneakers. Why wear plain platform shoes when you can have it sculpted? KTZ sculptured platform sneakers for collectors looking for something different and to stand out. These unisex creation would definitely leave everyone talking long after you have exited the room....Read More »

Art On Heels

Some shoes should be made strictly to be placed on a pedestal. This is a true work of art. Gorgeous art on heels.

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A Work of Art

Some shoes should be strictly for display on a mantle and not for walking about! This is a work of art!

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