Wearable Art

Wearable Art: The Twisted Heel

If the conventional straight heels won’t do, this creative twisted style offers a more artistic angle. This is not a style you see everyday, so embrace it if you like something different to separate you from the pack.  You will definitely turn heads when seen in this style. It’s a...Read More »

Pink Spikes Ahead

Giuseppe Zanotti does it again. This time taking the spike lead in pink for spring-summer  2013. It is actually adorable. If you didn’t love the more demure model from 2012, you may fall head over heels in love with the white leather pink spiked version.

Get your copy of Read More »

Wearable Art: Sequin Overlay Heeless

The heeless shoes are not going away anytime soon. More and more designs and styles keeps developing around the concept and here is the latest version in sequin overlay with metallic accent inspired by an Alexander McQueen heeless style adopted by Privilege.

You know what they say, if you can’t beat...Read More »

Wearable Art: A Very Fashion Forward Pumps

Here is something you don’t see everyday. Edgy and fashion forward shoes for collectors with discerning taste who wants to set herself far apart from the masses. Designed by Monika Chiang, a fairly new designer on the scene.

“I set about designing my collection to empower any woman to dress...Read More »

Wearable Art: Celine Naked Feet Pumps

Wearable Art: Celine naked feet pumps. You don’t have to worry about chipped nail polish in these creative art shoes by Celine. Let the pumps do all the work for you.

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A Lipstick Junkie/Shoe Addict's Dream Come True!

Do you love your lipstick? Are you a lipstick junkie and love shoes? Combine the two and you get the lipstick heels by Alberto Guardiani. No, these are not the $30 copy versions from stripper shoe stores. These Italian leather made shoes cost well over $900, the original design.

In this case,...Read More »

Cassette heel shoes by Cleo B.

Here is something extremely different. The cassette heel shoes by Cleo B.

Chain Platform Wedge, An Original!

Take a closer look. Yes it’s a pair of wearable shoes! We wish we knew who designed these and where to get them. Very original!


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