McQueen: The Heeless Wonder, It’s Here To Stay!

March 15, 2012 in General Blogs, News by Administrator

The heeless trend is here to stay. You saw it on Victoria Beckham a few years ago, a fashionista (pictured below) rocked his version in NYC sometime in 2010. Guiseppe Zanotti also did it for Spring/Summer 2012. So here we are, the McQueen label is helping to ensure the trend is going to be more of a permanent staple in fashion. I dare say, we love it!

Our guest writer Kim Turner (pictured farther below) did some digging up on this moving trend as well and echos our sentiments:

Alexander McQueen’s Heel Less Heel

When the heelless heels made their debut, they seem to be a shoe fit for a Lady Gaga type performer. However, they have shown that they have a broader mass appeal. Several celebrities such as Angela Simmons, Lucy Liu, Nicki Minaj etc have been spotted wearing these heel less wonders.

Alexander McQueen is keeping this trend rolling with his Fall 2012 line. Several pairs of heel less shoes were spotted on the McQueen runway but one pair in particular was eye-catching. I’m not sure how the model stood up but this shoe certainly stood out. Although we may have needed a little more presence of a heel, there’s no denying the fact that this is a hot shoe!


A fashionista in New York City in 2010. Photo courtesy of Outrageousviews

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Special thanks to contributing guest writer Kim Turner of Shoecloszet blog


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