Great Heights! Trending Right Now – High, Higher, Highest Platforms!

July 9, 2012 in General Blogs by Selena Emi Arnold

I couldn’t possibly be the only one in love with platforms right now, could I?
If you went into a store looking for some stylish but flat or low-heeled shoes, what would you find? Probably very little! You’ve likely noticed it already – it’s high, higher and yet higher platforms everywhere you look – pencil heels, block heels, wedges – with chunky platform soles.
Why platforms are a good idea
Platforms give you height without the pain and discomfort associated with wearing very high heels. The chunky, raised soles give you an advantage to start with, and the added heels give you an even higher elevation.
So the angle at which your foot fits into the shoe is not as steep and you are more comfortable, even with a half a dozen added inches. Platforms are a great way to add inches and to create the illusion of extraordinarily long legs.
Platform shoes – so many variations to choose from
Platform shoes have been around for a very long time. Even as far back as the 1930’s and 1950’s they were around in some or other rudimentary form, but really came into their own during the flower power 60’s and 70’s.
However the remarkable variation and variety that we see today in platform heels is a first. Designers have embraced with shoe wholeheartedly and have given us creative styles in platforms the like of which have never been seen before.
There are the cork-soled platforms that are currently so very popular. There are platforms with ankle straps, braids, ribbons, bows and ruffles as well as other embellishments.
Then there are the wooden soled platform shoes that usually have some rubber soling as well. And we mustn’t forget the platform boot – ankle length, calf length, thigh high…
Various materials are used for creating platforms – rubber, plastic, fiberglass, Lucite, wood, cork, foam, and a whole lot besides.
There are so many possibilities and variations possible with the platform shoe; this is probably what challenges and inspires designers to set the bar high, higher and yet higher – delighting us and amazing us!
I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this! ☺


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