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July 17, 2017 in Events, News by Bernd Ruhl

July-Sept 2017 edition


Summer is when you can get really creative with footwear, so we wanted to give you some tips about how to put your best foot forward… literally. In this issue we have some simple, everyday foot care tips that will keep your feet pretty and healthy (all the better to show off those summer shoes!). If you’re going to show off your feet, do it properly!

In this issue, we introduce you to a Glamazon like no other – Coco is a dancer, actress, pinup girl and she is married to Ice-T. We found out all about this devoted mom and Shoeholic and she had all sorts of interesting details about herself to share with us… such as the fact that she believes shoes are jewelry for the feet and that she has about 800 pairs now that we gave away about 300 pairs! Rasheeda Frost is another Shoeholic we featured among our pages in this edition. The social media sensation, rapper and entrepreneur has so many claims to fame, we found it difficult to cover them all! We bring you some excerpts from an exclusive tête-à-tête that we had with her.

We also decided to find out more about YouTube dancing sensation and choreographer Yanis Marshall because of how incredibly well the man dances in high heels! He is something of a star in Britain, where his trio of dancers reached the finals of the hit show Britain’s Got Talent. We drooled a bit over his shoes and then had our jaws drop at his amazing choreography too!

As usual we also tell you about designers and entrepreneurs who are doing some amazing things with and for the shoe industry. Kira Goodey’s fantasy shoes are just incredible – they are stunning, completely original and they are fully functional at the same time. We found out more about Kira’s grounding in traditional footwear making techniques that have resulted in the flights of fancy that are her shoes! We also caught up with Bonnie Gironella, the entrepreneur who has designed and created whimsical but practical storage solutions for all your precious boots. Read on to know more about her and her creation Bootniks.

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