Konnichiwa From Japan! The Summer Edition!

July 13, 2015 in Events, News by Bernd Ruhl


Reflecting our global readership, we look to Maikos and Geishas in Japan for inspiration!

Kyoto is bursting with colors, beautiful kimonos adorning women in the streets, dainty Geishas, aspiring Maikos and ordinary Japanese women of every age who seize the moment to shine against the ancient world heritage landmarked backdrop, justly proud of their cultures and traditions.

Among the throngs, we get glimpses of modern shoe fashion peeking out from under traditional attire, leather sandals, platforms, wedges, and colorful heels.

And for the gentlemen, we look to the urban feel of walls festooned in the art of graffiti depicting life on the street. These serve as the backdrop to our feature on men’s look in this issue. Where else but in New York City can you see anything like these!

Summer is still scotching hot! So be sure to be on a deck chair by the ocean with a dazzling pair of bare sandals (like those featured in this issue, and for the guys –nice leather sandals) on your feet! Happy summer!

If nothing else, we do hope to at least inspire your next shopping adventure! CLICK HERE to get your very own free copy now!

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