Masika Kalysha for Shoeholics

April 11, 2018 in Events, News by Bernd Ruhl

April-June 2018 edition

The spring season  is about new beginnings, new growth and the opportunity to weed out the bad to make room for the good and new. In this spring edition we bring you the story of Renee Olstead, a personality whose face is familiar to most of us. Read the story behind the face we’ve seen countless times on TV and on the big screen as well. We caught up with the woman who began her career as a child actor and who by age 12 had already signed on for two music albums.

Anita Quansha is someone we’d love for you to meet – not only because she is incredibly creative but also because of the way she blends her own heritage with modern fashion. This jewelry designer is responsible for creating some stunning accessories and even more stunning shoes! Another entrepreneur who brings us jaw-dropping shoes with a creative new twist: see through shoes via her Transparent collection, is Jessica Rich. She is all about bringing women the opportunity to create that million-dollar look without breaking the bank.

Cover star: Masika Kalysha is a reality TV star and a self described She.E.O and Mompreneur who has launched her own line of successful cosmetics. What makes her products special is the fact that they are gluten and paraben free, vegan and 100% cruelty free. We also caught up with the red haired rapper and female Eminem, Justina Valentine. The lyrics of her songs are breathtaking in their audacity and we were curious to know what makes her tick.

We have something for a much overlook Shoeholic demographic: men; particularly who are wondering what kind of shoes to wear at their own spring wedding! Color, style and other tips for choosing the right shoes! 

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