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    Preparation before the production of industrial aluminum profile products, from the head to the tail carefully view the drawings requirements, and integrate through the way, and make the marked and cooked in the part. Attention to the production, the product is lightly placed, measure each size, precise processing, and each profile that must be processed must be re-inspected correctly; for the same size mass production, the first product must be completed Instead, other products remain uncertain, do more check, do more check, make sure 100% pass rate to the next process.
    The task of the industrial aluminum module is not only to conduct self-inspection. It also cares carefully to view the drawings, and fully master each assembly details, and the requirements of the on-road processing; Self-examination of industrial aluminum profile products will have omissions and negligence. The quality inspection department conducts a comprehensive sample inspection, and there is a comprehensive careful care of the product.https://cjmetalalloy.com/blog/