Israeli Pop Star, Keren Oron Caught In The Moment

December 15, 2013 in News by Bernd Ruhl

While die hard New Yorkers were decked in layered sweaters and thick duck boots to weather the heavy down pour of the snow storm on Saturday, Israeli pop star Keren Oron was barely dressed for the weather! Our editor Tinu (never one to miss a beat) caught up with her in Central Park while out and about capturing the beautiful scenery now featured on her blog. By coincidence, she spotted Keren literally strutting in what appears to be a 6-inch heels and said she was not cold at all! Now, that is one heck of a die hard Shoeholic to say the least! Preview the images below and watch the video below to see how well she did! FABULOUS!

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IMG_8275 IMG_8307

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