A Rising Star, Bishme Cromartie

February 17, 2024 in General Blogs, News by TINU NAIJA

Fresh off the set of Project Runway, Bishme Cromartie is making great long strides, with potential staying power in the business of fashion space. One of the hit show’s prominent judges, Nina Garcia made a point to drop by and support. A visit normally reserved for established designers/brands. With his debut collection during NYFW, Bishme is taking no prisoners! He has got impeccable eye for details, not only tailoring, but styling and advance technique in the construction of silhouettes.

His range of designs appears to be in moderation and in line with the Avantgarde demands of the fashion conscious social media and AI influence of today, a time when consumers are looking to set themselves apart from the norm. There’s absolutely nothing ordinary about Bishme, he begs to differ! The presentation style showcase at the swanky Ritz-Carlton in NYC, featured a cohesive collection, such as a long gown with “wind-blown” scarf look around and away from the shoulders, exaggerated shawl collar on traditional sports jacket, long tweed coats, with matching cut out bodice on a short dress. Also on offer were edgy sporty options, with a futuristic look. A fresh take on athleisure, to a night out on the town. The collection appears to be diverse for all ages, youthful, and at various levels of comfort. Shoes were supplied by Katy Perry Collection.

Bishme Cromartie is definitely one to watch.

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Bishme Cromartie and Nina Garcia

Bishme Cromartie

Tinu with Bishme Cromartie at his NYFW presentation

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