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You love how a pair of good shoes make you look, you love how they up the glam quotient of your outfit in a trice, you think there is no such thing as too many shoes. Your wet dreams consist of designer shoe sales on sale. You breathe and live peep-toes, clogs, sandals, boots, stilettos, platforms, wedges… in short you’re a Shoeholic!

Those of you who are familiar with the term ‘Shoeholic’ have probably heard Tinu’s evocative hit song “Shoeholic” that speaks so fervently of an addiction for shoes and tells the tragicomic tale of barely making ends meet in life but loving how sexy that pair of shoes can instantly make you look and feel. Tinu’s love affair with shoes began as a pre-teen.

If the following quotes by Tinu resonates with you:
“Never complain about your feet hurting in designer shoes

It’s not about how you feel, it’s about how you look.

Fashion hurts sometimes deal with it!”

…then the fun packed tell-all book about the world of shoe addicts is for you! The book details the chronic world of real life shoe addicts; the closeted shoe fetish, the nun who refuses to part with her shoes in a nunnery, the cougar who allows her young dates to pick the “bedroom shoes” and so much more. The 190-page full color hardcover book offers a unique cross between a traditional novel and a coffee table art book with photos of some of the most incredible shoes in the author’s closet and the story of her long-standing love affair with her shoe collection. If you want the question answered “How many shoes do you own?” The answer may perhaps lie among these glossy full color, 8×10 size pages!

The book consists of perhaps hard to believe details about the over-the-top art of loving shoes. The Shoeholic book would be a perfect read and/or gift for a die-hard shoe collector. Shoeholic Tinu, the author, details her friend’s shoe addiction habits as well as hers. You might pick up a few tips on caring and how to score shoes from some of the leading brands in shoe designs. She also answers some of the questions some of her fans have been asking since seeing the viral hit music video Shoeholic that started it all, on Youtube, MTV, Fuse, Logo, to name a few. This includes the age-old question, “How many shoes do you own?” Now you get to read all about it!

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The Shoeholic Hardcover Book

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Page Excerpts from the book:

Preview the “Shoeholic” music video that started it all. It aired on MTV, Fuse, LOGO, and went viral on Youtube when it debuted. Many of your sent questions to the artist about her collection, now you get to have your questions answered in this “tell-all” juicy book she penned just for you!