Shoes Aren’t Just For Fashion!

May 17, 2013 in General Blogs, Uncategorized by Jessica-Joan M Richards

In today’s world of excess, luxury, beauty and more, more, more, the world is increasingly growing accustomed to those who live the life of wealth whether or not they have the finances to do so. And the biggest causes of excess? Fashion. Shoes are the biggest accessories, which are growing in sales every single day. With different styles like, sandals, ballet pumps, heels or boots, the ever expanding repertoire of shoes means there’s no such thing as ‘having it all’ so why do we feel an impulse to purchase the latest heels from Chanel, why do you need the ballet pumps from Tory Burch (that look exactly like the ones you bought from Topshop)?

Ruth Richards, a second year nursing student, is among many women who feel an impulse upon seeing a pair of ‘to die for’ shoes that she ‘must have’. And when it comes to the excess of shoes Ruth said “It can be seen as an addiction, I’ve walked into a store before and seen a pair of gorgeous sandal heels in black, then I saw them in white and then in brown, but they were ‘perfect’ and I’d been looking for that style for such a long time, I couldn’t decide which one I wanted, so I bought them all.”

Fashion is 4 dimensional, it’s expanding and there are no limits, shoes are just a small dot in the whole spectrum and are becoming its own society. But there are so many reasons people feel the need to buy new shoes. You might have had a bad day, a good day, you might have just lost your job or have been promoted, either way sometimes you just need something nice, something that bind men with men or women with women. Something so simple yet universal, because if you have a love for shoes, it will show, and someone equally as fanatic will see and it can bring us all together.

Ruth said “I’ve been at a club and been watching two girls fight, then one turned to me and saw my new boots and said ‘Hey I’ve been looking for shoes like that where did you get them from?’ and we started talking, and it’s like the whole
commotion never happened…it kind of brought us together, gave us a common bond…and I feel like that’s the biggest message really, the most positive one. Shoes may just be shoes to some people, but they can be so powerful as to bond people together.”

By proud member Jessica Richards exclusively for All rights reserved.

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