Abilene High Heel Dash: Men Race In Heels For Charity

April 16, 2013 in Causes, News by Administrator

Women and a few brave men will do anything to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network in Abilene, Texas. Even run in heels! The High Heel Dash is a competition with prize money offered to the top 3 winners and souvenirs given to all participants. The 0.6 mile race took place at Shotwell Stadium Parking Lot on April 13, 2013. A portion of the proceeds benefits Children’s Miracle Network.

The rules of the game included wearing suitable 2 inch minimum high heel shoes! No flats, wedges, boots, chunky platforms, or self-modified shoes were allowed. All racing shoes were checked and measured at the check-in tent! So, there was no getting around the required high heels!


28 year old Corey Voges

Corey Voges, strides across the finish line in his tutu, cut-off jorts and pink pumps. He who was running in size 17 shoes, three sizes bigger than his normal shoe size, finished third in the race. The shoes and tutu were bought for him online by coworkers. “I changed like four times before the race and this is what I came up with,” he said with a laugh.


23 year old Emmanuel Navejas raced in his pair of gold leather sandals

Emmanuel Navejas celebrates as he crosses the finish line of the High Heel Dash. Navejas says he bought his gold high heels online for $50 for the race. “They are not bad, pretty comfortable actually,” said Navejas, describing running in the shoes.


Jerry Nix

Jerry Nix puts on a pair of heels before the start of the race. “They’re killing my feet,” said Nix of the shoes he said bought at Goodwill to race in.


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