A Pillow Crafted From Old Leather Shoes

March 21, 2013 in News by Bernd Ruhl

This might look odd to a lot of you giving that these are old worn out shoes were talking about. Nevertheless, we can’t deny a genius craftsmanship as this. We’ve seen nothing quite like it before.

French designer Baptist Eviry made a patchwork leather sheet out of his old pairs of leather shoes just like you would a quit. He transformed the sheet of leather with suede on the other side, into what he refers to as the “Little Shoes Throw Pillows”. And as you would have done with a pair of shoes, he buffs it with hot wax and shiny polish finish to give it that luxurious glow. All that hardwork and recycling fetches him about $1200 a pillow when sold! Can’t make the trip to cast off old shoes at your local thrift shops? This is not a bad way at all to recycle and reuse old worn out shoes to decorate your home or to get a pretty penny in return.

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