Knock Offs! Are Designers Running Out of Ideas?

December 4, 2013 in News by Administrator

The saying goes that imitation is the best form of flattery. Is it really? What happens when a major brand with money to muscle their way into major store shelves knocks off a smaller but well talented, skilled shoe designer with styles good enough to rival any collection in a museum? A brand with little or no major money to muscle their way into major shoe shelves? It’s an outrage when the small designer is not given the credit due! All is almost forgiven when the likes of Privilege and other lower end brands knocks off a major brand but it is more painful to absorb when a major and more powerful brand knocks off the smaller ones still struggling to get out there and takes all the credit! In this case, we have the small Greece based company, Dukas who has been designing the sexy “leg heel” long before we here at Shoeholics came to light. To our surprise, a well reputable brand like Charlotte Olympia actually knocked them off! At first we thought it was a collaboration with Dukas. We got really excited for the Greek designer and reached out to him via email to congratulate them only to be told it wasn’t so! Our hearts sank. We adore and respect both brands and it pains us to take to our website to put out this notice for our members to see. We sincerely hate it when things like this happen in the shoe industry to the point where we covered this issue in the Jan-Mar 2013 issue of Shoeholics magazine, complete with images! We hope this will not be another case of Christian Louboutin vs Yves Saint Laurent over the red sole trademark fiasco that rocked the shoe industry for months. The “leg heel” design has been synonymous with Dukas for years! The pictures of the “Pre-fall 2014” collection were taken from Charlotte Olympia’s instagram account which has since been deleted since this issue came to light. Sorry Charlotte Olympia. We love you but this one is just too obvious. You’re way beyond knocking off other designers. Everyone should stay in their lanes! 🙁

You can still see our coverage of the knock off article in the Jan-Mar 2013 issue. Click here to get your copy and educate yourself!



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Charlotte Olympia Fall 2014



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