Kim Kardashian’s Shoe Closet

March 6, 2012 in News by Administrator

A very tidy and colored cordinated, designer shoe closet. A dream closet? Kim Kardashian posted pictures of her shoe closet and we have to admit that the closet does not disappoint. Each color themed section even has it’s own name. The multicolored section pictured below is dubbed “Rainbow Bright” and the glitzy party shoe section is called the “A Little Bit of Glitz and Glam.”

It’s obvious how much she loves glamour and gorgeous shoes to help pull it off. One can only imagine just how many shoes she actually owns. Judging by the shoes in these images, she has great a taste in shoes.


If you have good images of your closet to be posted here please don’t hesitate to send them to Please don’t be shy 😉

Kim Kardashian

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