Whoopi Goldberg Shoeholics On The View Show!

We started the Cinco de Mayo day rather normal today but finished on a much higher note by mid day after trying to battle several of our phones ringing off the hook and filling subscription orders all day. Unbeknownst to us (until a fan of the magazine sent us a...Read More »

Whoopi Goldberg For Shoeholics: An Exclusive!

AN EXCLUSIVE! Things are coming up Whoopi in this special edition! Anyone who has seen her power packed performance in the gut wrenching “The Color Purple”, or her out there Oda May Brown in “Ghost” has been witness to her astonishing talent and incredible screen presence. Whoopi Goldberg has won...Read More »

Street Shoe Talk™: Ep. 2

We present the second episode of Street Shoe Talk™ , now live at Shoeholics.TV. Find out what like minded shoe collectors as yourself are thinking when the talk of shoes hit their lips. You will be surprised by their answers. Also, don’t miss out on hearing an 8 year old boy...Read More »

Street Shoe Talk™: Ep. 1

What can we say, it took us long enough. Well, without further ado we present the very first episode of Street Shoe Talk™ on Shoeholics.TV. We sent some of our editors out and about to ambush you, to discuss shoes and ask questions you least expect. It adds to the...Read More »

Shoeholics Magazine New Year Edition!

The undisputed queen of poker tournaments, Beth Shak opened her lovely home to Shoeholics! Beth is a Shoeholic extraordinaire and we were just delighted to showcase some of her collection of more than 1,500 pairs that could very well second Imelda Marcos on the shoe-collecting chart! Another is Shahs...Read More »

Shoeholics Magazine: The 2014 Holiday Issue!

The 2014 holiday issue IS A HOT EDITION starring TV personality and fashion model Cynthia Bailey!

The issue includes some very exclusive private residences of similarly minded Shoeholics whose shoe collection will make you green with envy!  One of those homes we ventured into was one of the leading ladies...Read More »

Here's Your Chance to Model in Shoeholics Magazine!

Many of you asked for it! Ask and you shall receive!

Calling all members and avid readers of Shoeholics magazine for a chance to appear in the digital and print edition of the publication! The January-March 2015 issue will be dedicated to you our readers! Editors are looking to feature...Read More »

Sarah Jessica Parker For Shoeholics!

July-September 2014 edition

The summer 2014 edition details the exclusive coverage of Sarah Jessica Parker’s SJP collection public launch of her distinctive shoe line featuring colorful strappy single sole sandals earlier this year. Shoeholics readers will get to see & read the blow-by-blow account...Read More »

Shoeholic Sightings At The Pride

Just about every cause and movement has a parade in New York and the Gay Pride was no different with the successful 44th annual pride march that also turned out some fashionable Shoeholics in the mix. Broadway musical Kinky Boots, a prominent cover feature of Shoeholics magazine fall 2013 (Cindy...Read More »

Red Carpet Romance With Celebrity Designer Naeem Khan

Spring season is here, and with it comes the romantic bridal season! It’s one thing to have the shoes to wear on the big day but heaven forbid you walk down the aisle without the gown! Once a year, Shoeholics magazine is dedicated to our readers who are keen on getting...Read More »

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