Desigining With A Patriotic Spirit

August 3, 2012 in News by Administrator

The world is high on patriotic spirit thanks to the highly successful Olympics in London at the moment. Shoe designers (at least the smart ones) have taken to their sketch pads to join the patriotic bandwagon by crafting shoes to commemorate highly publicized events in their respective countries or just for a country they admire. We have taken into consideration to highlight some of our favorites. Just by looking at their images you can easily tell which countries they represent.

British designer, Aruna Seth got an early start with the Union Jack Swarovski crystal design wedges to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s golden jubilee while Mugnai opted to craft the heels of his sandals in the shape of France’s world famous Eiffel Tower. Italian designer Massimo Dogana didn’t miss a beat to fly his country’s flag high on his platform sandals. We also stumbled into some “mixed breed” designs where 2 or more country’s flags share a sandal.

This is the time to start grabbing them before they are long gone or sold out. Better to have the real thing nicely placed on a mantle than to stare at the images! They would make great collectibles for any die hard patriotic shoe collector anywhere. Keep up the patriotic spirit, be a good citizen! 🙂

Massimo Dogana for Italy


Mugnai's Eiffel Tower for France

Aruna Seth for the Queen's Jubilee

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