Exclusive Chat With Daisy Lewellyn of “Blood, Sweat, & Heels”

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Daisy Lewellyn

Here at Shoeholics Magazine, it’s our PASSION to highlight ambitious fashionistas that are divas on a budget.  From top CEOs to celebrities on the red carpet, there’s nothing better than seeing a woman make moves and look great while saving a little money.  Today, we highlight Daisy Lewellyn, Style Expert and star of Bravo’s hit series “Blood, Sweat, and Heels”, who in her everyday work strives to help women look and feel amazing without sacrificing their bank accounts.

Exclusive Interview by Afriyie Amankwaa (AA) for Shoeholics

AA: First off, let me just say congratulations on the success of Never Pay Retail Again:
Shop Smart Spend Less Look Your Best Ever
! How does it feel to have such a critically acclaimed book?

Daisy: It’s been great!  It’s something that everybody can benefit from because hey, we all wanna save money! We all want to pay less for Prada and have the champagne style on a sparkling water budget. It’s been pretty fantastic. It hasn’t only been fantastic for me. I just really love to have the power to have the ability to help people enhance their lifestyle. I think when you dress; better, you work better, when you look better, you feel better.

AA: On “Blood, Sweat, and Heels”, you just have a way of making your wardrobe, especially your shoes, look fabulous. What’s the most that you’ve ever spent on a pair of shoes?

Daisy:  [laughs] Shoes are definitely something that you don’t have to feel bad for investing in. When I say investing in, I mean that it’s OK to spend a little more money on them. They can just last you longer. The most I’ve [probably] spent on a pair shoes… and you’re going to crack up about this but I’m telling the truth… was a pair of Costume National boots that I got for about $300 working as an assistant at Instyle Magazine. I just thought OMG! this was so much money. People don’t know that when you start working in magazines you don’t make a lot of money. You make like the bare minimum but working in an industry where you have to look like you make a lot of money. I bought those boots and loved them. They were dark brown, flat, riding boots with an amazing texture on the back and on the toe. And I still wear those boots to this day.

AA: When did you get them?

Daisy: This was ten years ago. I’ve taken them to the shoe repairer to get them conditioned. Every winter, they get a new heel and they are still with me. So, even though I paid $300 ten years ago, I feel like I just paid $3 because I really got my money’s worth.

AA: Did you ever get worried that they would go out of style and people would just be like OK, she’s cheap?

Daisy: Are you kidding?! No. You don’t spend money on fads but classic trends. Classic trends to me are things that are very stylish and a trend but a classic. So, riding boots are the classic trend for fall. The trench coat is a classic trend for spring. I love riding boots and the best thing about them is that they’re stylish and comfortable! So, you do not have to walk in pain and you look stylish. They suck in your legs and you look even skinnier, which we love!!

AA:  You wore a bold orange dress with orange booties and gold accessories on the Meredith Viera show. Didn’t you think that was over the top? Wouldn’t you have matched your shoes to your accessories or just wear black shoes?

Daisy: I’m from California and I think that has its advantages when it comes to fashion. I’ve never been afraid of color. I also believe the way that you dress reflects the way that you feel. I’m a very happy person and wearing a lot of colors makes me happy. So, I like to say that I wear a lot of happy clothes.

I don’t believe that Black shoes are the holy grail of every outfit. There are colors that you can wear. You can wear navy shoes, orange shoes and wear them with just as many colors as you can wear with black. So as a stylist, it’s my job to make sure women are comfortable with bold colors such as orange. Some people aren’t comfortable with color so we might not start off with an orange bootie like I wore. But, maybe we can start something like an orange clutch or wallet. You have to take baby steps when it comes into the world of color but before you know it you’ll be wearing orange head to toe!


Daisy on the Meredith Viera show


AA: Are there any colors that are just a “no – no” and should not go together?

Daisy: I’m all about breaking fashion rules but feel that you need to do what makes the most sense for you. I don’t really like it (and maybe I broke my own rule on the Meredith Vieria show) when people are too “matchy matchy”. I wore the orange dress and orange bootie. If I wore something else that was orange, it wouldn’t have complimented the outfit at all. If I wore orange earrings, orange necklace, orange panties I would’ve been basic. Being too “matchy matchy” makes you 1.) Look older 2.) Look like you’re limiting yourself. It’s a common thing in older African American women. I don’t know why. But, they love to have that one color and rock it head to toe!  At church, they have the red hat, red dress, and red jacket! So, don’t think if it matches but just think does this combination go together well.

AA: If you had to trade your shoe closet with another celebrity, who would it be?

Daisy: That’s a great question. Everyone is looking so darn good these days.  I really like Blake Lively’s style. She always looks great on the red carpet. But, I also really love Beyonce. She always has a great pair of heels on and is just the queen. Actually, I think Beyonce would win because she always has a great pair of heels on when she’s wearing jeans or even playing with her daughter.

AA: Are you looking at any new designers for the winter season?

Daisy: I love my classic designers like DVF but also have my eye on LaQuan Smith. He’s style Rihanna, Wendy Williams at the Soul Train Awards. He’s pure style and is just fearless in his designs and his designs just speak so much. So, I really got my eye on him.

AA: What is the winter must have?

Daisy: OMG. I have two things: 1.) I need a black cashmere pullover sweater from Bloomingdales 2.) A black fur scarf just because I love fur and can bring glam to any outfit.


Blake Lively

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