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Street Shoe Talk™: Ep. 3 From South Korea!

The 3rd installment of Street Shoe Talk™  is here! We traveled to the Far East, to the young and trendy area of Gangnam district in South Korea to feel out the streets, to hear what fellow shoe lovers there really think when it comes to the art of shoe collecting and …shopping!...Read More »

The Esteemed "Mr Magazine" Interviews Tinu

Ever wondered how Shoeholics came about? Ever wondered what’s in our DNA as a community, as a brand, or publication? Alas! Here’s your chance to get to know more!

Shoeholics founder, Tinu rarely gives interviews but decided to have a one-on-one chat with the voice of authority in the publishing just...Read More »

Whoopi Goldberg Shoeholics On The View Show!

We started the Cinco de Mayo day rather normal today but finished on a much higher note by mid day after trying to battle several of our phones ringing off the hook and filling subscription orders all day. Unbeknownst to us (until a fan of the magazine sent us a...Read More »

Pregnancy And High Heels – Can They Go Together?

We have all seen the glamorous mommies-to-be in magazines, TV and on the net – the likes of Jessica Alba, Victoria Beckham (aka Posh spice, famous mother of four now), Rachel Zoe and any number of others, appearing in public, visibly pregnant; and in high heels; many of them...Read More »

Exclusive Chat With Daisy Lewellyn of "Blood, Sweat, & Heels"

Daisy Lewellyn

Here at Shoeholics Magazine, it’s our PASSION to highlight ambitious fashionistas that are divas on a budget.  From top CEOs to celebrities on the red carpet, there’s nothing better than seeing a woman make moves and look great while saving a...Read More »

Micam! A Shoeholic's Fantasy!

If you have been to the Micam, you have experienced the ultimate shoe nirvana. Held twice a year in Milan, Italy, the Micam is the world’s premier trade show for footwear. Manufacturers and retailers from all corners of the earth converge over this glorious four-day shoe orgy to buy, sell,...Read More »

Shoes Aren't Just For Fashion!

In today’s world of excess, luxury, beauty and more, more, more, the world is increasingly growing accustomed to those who live the life of wealth whether or not they have the finances to do so. And the biggest causes of excess? Fashion. Shoes are the biggest accessories, which are growing...Read More »

Great Heights! Trending Right Now – High, Higher, Highest Platforms!


I couldn’t possibly be the only one in love with platforms right now, could I?
If you went into a store looking for some stylish but flat or low-heeled shoes, what would you find? Probably very little! You’ve likely noticed it already – it’s high, higher and yet higher platforms...Read More »

I am a Shoeholic

I love shoes and connecting with everyone on this site

McQueen: The Heeless Wonder, It's Here To Stay!

The heeless trend is here to stay. You saw it on Victoria Beckham a few years ago, a fashionista (pictured below) rocked his version in NYC sometime in 2010. Guiseppe Zanotti also did it for Spring/Summer 2012. So here we are, the McQueen label is helping to ensure the...Read More »

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