The Higher The Heels…Spring Issue Is Here!

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April-June 2017 issue

As always, this issue is a mixed bag; packed with useful info, awesome individuals, designers and even more awesome shoes. We also throw in some pointers for the spring-summer bride to be; so there is something for everyone!

In this issue we meet an exotic Russian-Italian shoe designer who has already established himself as a force to reckon within Europe and parts of Asia. Yarose Shulzhenko and his designs are now heading to America and we decided to find out all about the designer and his sexy, desirable designs; which still use traditional shoe making techniques.

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Also includes couture designers Ralph and Russo!

We’ve also featured several shoe enthusiasts: Drea Avent is a sportscaster; a woman in what is still very much a man’s world. We caught up with the self confessed tomboy fashionista and found out all about her unique sports production company, the quintessence of her style mantra and her deep and abiding love for shoes. Brooke Lewis is, among other things, a Scream Queen. Not sure what that is? Well you’ll find out all about that among the pages of this issue.

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Garcelle Beauvais is a face most of us are familiar with. The Haitian-American star has made her presence felt in show biz for a long time now; showing some enviable staying power in a notoriously fickle industry. We are delighted tell you a bit more about her and her upcoming projects; including the highly anticipated summer blockbuster Spiderman feature film.

Those of us who are much into social media; particularly YouTube, probably know about her already: Syd Wilder is wildly funny; also exceedingly sexy and an influencer to boot! We also found out what makes this standup comic, Youtuber, and social media star tick.

All Pages-28Readers looking to get hitched this season may also find some useful takeaways in this edition: we strongly feel that our shoes can and should say something about our personalities. This is as true for brides. Not sure what that means? Here’s a hint: are you a star bride, a budget bride or a nervous bride? Find out! CLICK HERE to get your very own hard copy mailed to you worldwide!


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Behind the Scenes with Coco!

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Breaking with traditions here at Shoeholics, we share with you a behind the scenes footage (a first for us) of an upcoming issue with the down to earth Coco Austin. The lovely TV personality star invited Shoeholics magazine into her closet, a first for any magazine at the home she shares with her husband Ice T and their adorable baby Chanel. Coco shared with her Snapchat fans some video footage that soon made its way onto E News, Daily Mail and other international entertainment outlets. We’re not complaining at all, in fact, we welcome it wholeheartedly. Look out for the July-Sept 2017 issue where you will get up close and personal details of Coco and that massive shoe closet! Sign up now, don’t miss it!

In Daily Mail‘s own words…

Coco Austin is giving everyone a case of serious wardrobe envy.

The 37-year-old glamour model showed off her amazing walk-in wardrobe – as well as her pins – with a series of behind-the-scenes photos on Snapchat on Saturday.

‘Behind the scenes of Shoeholics Magazine….’ she captioned one photo, which showed her reclining on a red stiletto-shaped chair, one of her own stiletto-clad feet kicked high up into the air.

Scroll down for video 

Pin-up girl: Coco Austin kicked up her legs during a photo shoot for Shoeholics magazine, which went inside the star's enviable closet

Pin-up girl: Coco Austin kicked up her legs during a photo shoot for Shoeholics magazine, which went inside the star’s enviable closet

Dressed in a figure-hugging leopard-print dress, the sexy star stared provocatively at the camera as she leaned back on the quirky sofa and raised her right leg high above her head.

Other photos showed the blonde bombshell – this time clad in a low-cut, slinky black dress, which showed off her ample cleavage, and strappy gold stilettos – posing seductively on her island dresser, below an elaborate chandelier.

Surrounding the curvy reality star is her jam-packed wardrobe, which includes shelves filled with sunglasses and designer handbags.

Striking a pose: The 37-year-old glamour model was seen lazing seductively on her island dresser, her ample cleavage on full display

Jam-packed: The reality star's wardrobe looks more like a store, packed floor to ceiling with clothes and accessories

The racks behind her are straining with clothes, and a jewelry stand can be seen behind her on her dresser, packed with gold and silver bangles.

But it’s her color-coordinated shoe closet that really takes out the top spot.

In a photo posted to her Instagram on Friday, Coco shared a picture of herself standing in her shoe closet with her 15-month-old daughter, Chanel, and the family’s bulldog, Max.

CoCo Austin snaps behind the scenes photo shoot for Shoeholics

Flaunting it: Never shy, Coco showed off her lean legs and sizable bust in a slinky black dress and gold stilettos

Flaunting it: Never shy, Coco showed off her lean legs and sizable bust in a slinky black dress and gold stilettos

In the bag: While the sexy starlet posed seductively on her dresser, it was the packed wardrobe behind her which really piqued our interest

Surrounding the trio are floor-to-ceiling shelves packed with the heel-loving model’s sky-high stilettos in every color and style imaginable.

The floor is covered with leopard-print carpet, and to the side, a red lounge chair with a graphic print black cushion can be seen.

‘When u attempt to take a sexy outfit pic & baby and dogs won’t let you. lol,’ she captioned the jaw-dropping photo. ‘It’s tough to balance everything but I like the challenge.’

Shoe in: The model's shoe closet is chock-full of shelves of colorful stilettos, all color-coordinated 

Oscars! Of Course The Fashion!

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What will another year in fashion be without the Oscars and all the glamour that comes with it! It’s Hollywood’s biggest night as well as fashion’s biggest runway! We couldn’t resist the temptation! Here are some of the hits and …misses spotted at the coveted affair, the 89th annual Academy Awards.

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rs_634x1024-170226161746-634-academy-awards-oscars-2017-arrivals-dakota-johnson rs_634x1024-170226163100-634-academy-awards-oscars-2017-arrivals-scarlett-johansson rs_634x1024-170226163325-634-nicole-kidman-2017-Oscars-Awards rs_634x1024-170226163515-634-academy-awards-oscars-2017-arrivals-emma-stoners_634x1024-170226134418-634-ryan-seacrest-2017-Oscars-Awards rs_634x1024-170226142336-634-Cynthia-Erivo-academy-awrds-oscars-arrivals-2017 rs_634x1024-170226144353-634-academy-awards-oscars-2017-arrivals-olivia-culpo rs_634x1024-170226152835-634-academy-awards-oscars-2017-arrivals-karlie-kloss rs_634x1024-170226153556-634-academy-awards-oscars-2017-arrivals-leslie-mann rs_634x1024-170226154850-634-academy-awards-oscars-2017-arrivals-Pharrell-Williams rs_634x1024-170226155519-634-academy-awards-oscars-2017-arrivals-octavia-spencer rs_634x1024-170226160332-634-academy-awards-oscars-2017-arrivals-chrissy-tiegen rs_634x1024-170226161705-634-2-janelle-monae-2017-Oscars-Awards

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New Year New You! Yogi in Heels & More!

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In this New Year edition we are delighted to be introducing some highly talented, eclectic and giving individuals to you… people who are not only successful doing what they do, but are committed Shoeholics as well!

Sandy Garzia is a traveler, mother and indefatigable shoe enthusiast. We were amazed and delighted with the African tribal themed shoes she creates and were fascinated by the story of the son that she was fortunate enough to be able to adopt from Ghana, Africa.

Cover star Laura Kasperzak, the yoga instructor, social media darling and the woman we call The Phenomenal Yogi in Heels.

Susan Petersen, the woman who designs baby shoes that went on to become something of a celebrity fad.

Lexi Atkins is someone who is probably familiar to many of us; find out more about the singer, songwriter and Shoeholic and what she is doing next.

Young designer Rohitava Banerjee and his sister Rupal. At just 19 and 17 respectively, the brother sister duo has carved out a name for themselves in the fashion world while still in design school!

Also shoe collector Abigail Cole-Buchanan who has a special penchant for Irregular Choice shoes in particular.


Tracy Stern

Tracy Stern is the tea lover and blender; the businesswoman with her fingers in several designing pies…including shoes! She is the modern Renaissance woman who doesn’t follow trends but actually sets them!

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50 Cent Covers Shoeholics Holiday Edition!

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An exclusive tete-a-tete with the incredible 50 Cent! We got the superstar, business mogul & actor to open up about his life, personal style & plans for the holidays!

Also featured in this special holiday edition are:

Draya Michele! The TV personality and social media star has many claims to fame including building her fashion lines Fine Ass Girls and the swimwear line called Mint Swim. Find out more about this Pennsylvania mom’s style mantras, her growing business empire as well as her plans for the upcoming holidays!


Disney Star Kelli Berglund! Get up close and personal with Kelli Berglund, the next It girl in fashion & Disney star. Find out her take on fashion, Hollywood and of course fashion!


Social media darlings: Natalie Halcro & Olivia Pierson! Nat and Liv are cousins, dynamic duo social media sensations with enviable followings in the millions. Find out what sets them apart from the rest and their rise to the top!
Former Shoeholics cover star, queen of poker tournament Beth Shak‘s exclusive wedding gift unveiling!
Plus the story behind the back cover! You get to discover the story behind Shoe Bakery, an exclusive feature story inside that will make you forget about your diet! And so much more!
You don’t want to miss this celebrity packed holiday edition of Shoeholics! CLICK HERE to get your very own hard copy mailed to you worldwide!

Heels Hurting You? Try Foot Yoga!

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Foot Yoga For Happy Feet

By Denise Waller

How many of us bother about foot health, wellbeing and happiness? Alas very few of us. Feet are the poor things that bear our weight, carry us from place to place and help us do everything that needs doing, including providing us a platform to show off our beloved shoe collection, but there is little thought that any of us give to foot health.

The importance of foot care

Our feet are what connect us to the earth; they are the ones that give our body balance and grace. In a sense they are the foundation of our body and as such need to be strong and in good health. Disorders of the feet such as diabetic foot, injuries of the foot, foot ulcers can lead to other disorders, aches and pains as well. It could be that the root cause of knee pain, back pain or even neck pain could be poor foot health!

Before looking at the foot exercises and yoga for the feet, here are tips to help maintain good foot health:

  • Wear well fitting shoes that are the right size. Smaller sizes will pinch, cramp and put the feet in unnatural positions. Larger sizes will make the foot slide and chafe within the shoe causing shoe bite and other problems.
  • If you wear shoes and socks, change socks regularly.
  • Closed shoes mean trapped sweat so you need to take extra care of foot hygiene.
  • Give yourself or get yourself a foot massage.
  • Look after the skin of the feet by using good quality moisturizer to keep the skin supple, to prevent dry skin and cracked heels.

Estimates say that 9 out of 10 women wear shoes that are the wrong size and that 80% of all foot problems occur in women, a large proportion of the problems being attributable to unsuitable shoes!

Here are some specific yoga poses and exercises that, at the end of the day will feel wonderful to the feet and to you:

Virasana (Veer means hero and asana means seat or position) – This requires you to sit with your legs and feet tucked up and under you, the claves lying under the thighs and the toes pointing and extended outward from under the buttocks. This offers a wonderful stretch to the feet and the entire legs.

Baddha Konasana (or the cobbler pose) requires you to sit with your legs apart and then pulling the feet in towards the inner thighs in a way that the soles of the feet come together to face and touch each other.

Adho Mukha Svanasana – (or downward facing dog) requires you to get the body into an ‘A’ shape with the bottom in the air, the feet placed solidly on the ground and the palms also spread out and planted on the ground.

Viparita Karani – (Viparita means opposite and this is the legs up the wall pose). During the day, walking, sitting for long periods and being sedentary will cause the fluids to pool in the lower part of the body. This can cause swelling and discomfort. To reduce the pain and swelling of tired feet, simply lie down on the ground or any place next to a wall with the arms spread out. Now put the feet and legs up along the wall to help relax the feet and drain the fluid from them. You can vary the pose by putting the soles of the feet flat against the wall and pushing the knees away from the wall to tilt and stretch the pelvis.

Another variation of this can be to have one leg in the air and then sling a towel over the sole of the foot to then gently pull the toes down in the direction of the leg.

Squats – The basic crouching position with the knees up and the heels planted on the floor is beneficial for the feet. Also kneeling with the toes tucked under stretches the foot effectively.

Ankle rotations and other foot stretches – These basic foot stretches can be done by any of us as we sit at our desks during the day. Make a full circle with the toes rotating the ankles. Do this clockwise five times and anticlockwise another five times.

Stretch the foot and point the toes so that the foot is in a straight line with the leg rather than at right at right angles and hold for several seconds before releasing; then repeat 4 more times.

For the third foot stretch you will need to take your shoes off. Curl the foot up so that the toes are pointing towards the ankle for another lovely foot stretch.

Lift the Arches of the feet – Pull the balls of the feet towards the heels creating an arch under the foot while keeping the feet on the ground. Doing this over a period, will help improve the arches of your feet, which we all love to admire in a perfect pair of high heels! Love your feet and they will love you back!


An exclusive by Denise Waller, first published in the Jul-Sep 2012 edition of Shoeholics magazine. All rights reserved

Super Designer Christian Siriano For Shoeholics!

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July-Sept 2016 edition

It is that time of year when we all look for excuses to go sandal shopping – Summer! Not that we need any excuse to indulge our shoeholism, but it is summer when that shoe wardrobe seems to cry out for a makeover; a new infusion of life with chic summer styles, sexy sandals and more. So for the summer issue we’ve put together a superb mix of some practical tips to avoid foot odor, brand new shoe trends as well as some fascinating old techniques still in use. And this summer we make it our business to introduce you to the some truly fascinating names in the shoe business!

The Vanderbilt family is as close to royalty as Americans ever got and we’re ecstatic to tell you all that we learned from our exclusive tête-à-tête with Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin; the recording artiste and entrepreneur extraordinaire from that very blue blooded family. Also included are Anastasia Radevich, an artist who currently expresses her creativity via the shoes she creates; Piggy Pillows is a name that has nothing to do with pork or with bedding; you’re sure to agree with Michelle Ojea when she tells you how beautiful shoes deserve beautiful feet and that beautiful feet deserve comfort; Gemma Kahng, the hugely famous fashion designer who is known for dressing the likes of Sharon Stone and Madonna during her heyday; Irregular Choice, the quirky shoes created by British shoe designer Dan Sullivan; shoes that are fun and utterly modern. Side by side with those thoroughly contemporary creations you also get to find out about traditional shoe making techniques from India that have altered little over the ages.

Phew! That’s rather a lot of amazing stuff we packed into this issue for you! Saving the best for the last: Meet Christian Siriano, the bright young spark of the fashion firmament who won the fourth season of American design competition show Project Runway, becoming the series’ youngest winner; someone who shot to prominence when he launched his namesake collection, our current cover star!

Now settle down with a nice smoothie of some sort and lose yourself among the pages; enjoy our summer edition and summer as well! CLICK HERE to get your very own free copy mailed to you now worldwide!


Back Cover featuring shoes by Anastasia Radevich

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Glitz & Glamour At The Met Gala

May 3, 2016 in News by Administrator


It’s that time of the year again! The Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City! The highly anticipated event of the year in fashion brought out the who’s who of Hollywood and fashion industry. Co-chaired this year by Taylor Swift and Idris Elba, luminaries made their way up the grand staircase at the Met Museum for the festivities. Images below are some of our favorites…and some misses.

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rs_634x1024-160502162428-634-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-MET-GALA-Arrivals-J1R-050216 rs_634x1024-160502161127-634-MET-GALA-Arrivals-grimes rs_634x1024-160502151141-634-Poppy-Delevingne-MET-GALA-Arrivals-2016 rs_634x1024-160502153736-634-alicia-vikander-MET-GALA-Arrivals-2016 rs_634x1024-160502154837-634Julie-Macklowe-MET-GALA-Arrivals rs_634x1024-160502155722-634-MET-GALA-Arrivals-taylor-swift rs_634x1024-160502150854-634-MET-GALA-Arrivals-Anna-Wintour-2016 rs_634x1024-160502163724-634.Jourdan-Dunn-MET-GALA-Arrivals rs_634x1024-160502170200-634-kerry-washington-MET-GALA-Arrivals-2016 rs_634x1024-160502163402-634-kate-upton-MET-GALA-Arrivals-2016 rs_634x1024-160502165155-634-Cindy-Crawford-MET-GALA-Arrivals-J1R-050216 rs_634x1024-160502160959-634-Selena-Gomez-MET-GALA-Arrivals-J1R-050216 rs_634x1024-160502164546-634-MET-GALA-Arrivals-karlie-kloss rs_634x1024-160502164633-634-Kendall-Jenner-MET-GALA-Arrivals-J1R-050216

Remembering Prince…In Heels

April 22, 2016 in News by Administrator


The world lost a great icon yesterday April 21, a man of mystery and immeasurable impact on the world of entertainment and fashion. The artist known as Prince died prematurely at the age of 57, who will forever be in our memories as one of the greatest who did it best…rocking some of the best crafted shoes on and of stage! And yes, most of them were actually heels! Now that’s one man that some women can’t even hold a candle to. When it comes to music and fashion…no one else did it better than him. He was a great inspiration for many young and old around the world. He will surely be missed. We celebrate his very short but well lived life with some of the images featured below. Prince, we thank you so much for all you have done for all of us musically and in fashion. RIP brother.

439749-prince 20160422PRINCE-HEELS-slide-9TK2-superJumbo   e3070a0ba62958c3-PrinceGenderBenderFRNDYLMRN prince-19860523.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x-683x1024j

Spring Into The Bridal Issue!

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April-June 2016 Issue

With spring comes the bridal season, so we’re offering you some useful insights into the kind of shoes that a lady …gentlemen must have for a destination wedding: the shoes to pack, the ones to wear and so on. Whether you’re having a destination wedding or a simple registrar’s ceremony, we’re taking the opportunity to wish all the brides to be out there a wonderful, wonderful wedding day and a blissfully happy life thereafter!

This issue introduces Harriet Wilde, a coveted label of exquisite bridal shoes; veritable confections that are going to want to make you get married right now or perhaps repeat your vows!

Plus, ethical vegan shoes! Looking for sustainable shoes crafted from non-animal materials, think Mink Shoes! Find out more about Rebecca Mink and her line of vegan shoes and read her unique and compelling story.

One not to be missed… Vanessa Noel, the renowned luxury shoe designer, businesswoman and philanthropist. Her unique shoes, the way she draws on her architecture background to create her shoes and the way she works closely with Italian tanneries to create unique finishes such as 24 karat gold covered alligator and glow in the dark python are bound to make fascinating reading for all our lovely readers out there.

And so much more!

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