Street Shoe Talk™: Ep. 3 From South Korea!

May 27, 2015 in Events, General Blogs, News by Administrator

The 3rd installment of Street Shoe Talk™  is here! We traveled to the Far East, to the young and trendy area of Gangnam district in South Korea to feel out the streets, to hear what fellow shoe lovers there really think when it comes to the art of shoe collecting and …shopping! Now playing below and at Shoeholics.TV. Find out what like minded shoe collectors as yourself are thinking when the talk of shoes hit their lips. You will be surprised by their answers.

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The Esteemed “Mr Magazine” Interviews Tinu

May 8, 2015 in General Blogs, News by Administrator

Ever wondered how Shoeholics came about? Ever wondered what’s in our DNA as a community, as a brand, or publication? Alas! Here’s your chance to get to know more!

Shoeholics founder, Tinu rarely gives interviews but decided to have a one-on-one chat with the voice of authority in the publishing just a few days ago, with Samir “Mr Magazine” Husni. He is the founder and director of the Magazine Innovation Center at the University of Mississippi’s Meek School of Journalism and New Media. He is also Professor and Hederman Lecturer at the School of Journalism. As Mr. Magazine™ he engages in media consulting and research for the magazine media and publishing industry. Mr Magazine is highly regarded and respected in the publishing world circuit.

The pair first met 2.5 years ago at the MIN Awards where Shoeholics was one of the Hottest Launches of the Year nominee, beating out over 750 other magazines for the short list of 15 finalists. Fast forward to May 2015, just last week via a phone chit-chat with Mr Magazine, the dynamic and free spirited editor Tinu opened up about Shoeholics, the music video that started it all, the struggles, the success, the humble beginnings, and so much more! This would be the first time Tinu has ever discussed Shoeholics in great length! It’s a candid interview you don’t want to miss! CLICK HERE to read all about it!

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Tinu and Mr Magazine at the MIN Awards


Mr Magazine introducing Shoeholics at the MIN Awards


Whoopi Goldberg Shoeholics On The View Show!

May 6, 2015 in Events, General Blogs, News by Administrator

We started the Cinco de Mayo day rather normal today but finished on a much higher note by mid day after trying to battle several of our phones ringing off the hook and filling subscription orders all day. Unbeknownst to us (until a fan of the magazine sent us a link to what caused the mayhem), Whoopi had shared with her viewers her Shoeholics magazine cover feature of on her hit TV show, THE VIEW!


We couldn’t have featured a better ambassador for the publication. Whoopi Goldberg is right in line with our vision. She wears unique shoes and supports emerging shoe designers, Shoeholics showcases unique shoes & talents in shoe craftsmanship, regardless of level or fame. Like her, we strive hard to feature hard to find designs, including some of the hot numbers spotted in her shoe closet photographed for her cover feature story. She’s a die hard shoe collector and admirer just like each and every club member here at Shoeholics. Read her interview in the issue and see what she has to say about shoe collecting, you might learn a thing or two. Seriously!

We’re forever grateful for all the support she showed us on her social media pages and hit TV show, The View. Please watch the segment in the video footage below. Thank you WHOOPI! 🙂

In case you’re unable to view the embedded video, CLICK HERE to watch it on our facebook page.

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Shoeholics on THE VIEW SHOW!!!Watch Whoopi Goldberg talk about her Shoeholics magazine cover feature on the hit show!Copies are available at thank you so much!!!

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Pregnancy And High Heels – Can They Go Together?

April 23, 2015 in General Blogs, News by Administrator

Exclusive: A very Pregnant Jessica Simpson Shops In High Heels

We have all seen the glamorous mommies-to-be in magazines, TV and on the net – the likes of Jessica Alba, Victoria Beckham (aka Posh spice, famous mother of four now), Rachel Zoe and any number of others, appearing in public, visibly pregnant; and in high heels; many of them some real sky scrapers as well!

So should all pregnant women take a leaf out of this particular book (and women do feel pressured to keep up with celebrity trends) and continue to wear high heels in pregnancy as well? Well the answer to that would have to be a reluctant Probably Not!

Many doctors advise against pregnant women wearing high heels, which are generally defined as any footwear that is anything higher than two inches. This is true in particular during the latter half of the pregnancy. However until such time as the belly is not of very large size, and the feet don’t really feel uncomfortable in those gorgeous shoes, it is safe to assume that high heels are not going to cause any harm!

The main reason for not wearing high heels in pregnancy is the obvious one – a woman puts on a significant amount of weight and this weight is concentrated on the abdomen, altering a woman’s center of gravity. This change in the center of gravity can take a lot of getting used to and may make a woman’s gait different, disturb her balance, making her unsteady and the high heels an unsuitable choice of footwear. So during the last trimester it may be a better idea to eschew glamour in favor of comfort.

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During the last trimester, when the belly is big enough that most women cannot see their toes, high heels are less of a great idea because they increase a woman’s chances of falling and injuring herself as well as her unborn baby. Not to put too fine a point to it, many women find that they are way clumsier well into their pregnancy and so more prone to minor accidents.

If a woman is suffering back pain (a common complaint during pregnancy) she may find that the high heels tend to exacerbate this problem. An estimated 7 out of 10 pregnant women experience some type of foot problem including swelling of the feet or ankles, foot pain and so on. This can be further aggravated by improper footwear.

So are high heels a complete No-No in pregnancy? Well they aren’t forbidden, but they will probably be uncomfortable enough to want to give up on them voluntarily.

Rachel Zoe wears a pair of animal print high heels, despite being 38 weeks pregnant, after lunching with her husband Rodger Berman

However if they have to be worn experts advice that they be worn only occasionally and then at times when there is no requirement to be on one’s feet for extended periods of time. An additional tip would be to carry along sneakers to change into as soon as possible!

And they said that you should be walking around in high heels – there is nothing to say that you cannot pose before the mirror in those gorgeous red stilettos in the comfort of your own home to admire yourself! Or that you cannot put on your favorite sky-high shoes and admire your feet as you put them up for a little rest! So be creative and indulge that shoe fetish – so what if you’re 7, 8 or even 9 months along? Line them up on a table and just admire them, stay connected to yours shoes at all times!

Exclusively written by Denise Waller for Shoeholics Magazine Jan-Mar 2012 issue

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Exclusive Chat With Daisy Lewellyn of “Blood, Sweat, & Heels”

December 5, 2014 in General Blogs, News by Administrator


Daisy Lewellyn

Here at Shoeholics Magazine, it’s our PASSION to highlight ambitious fashionistas that are divas on a budget.  From top CEOs to celebrities on the red carpet, there’s nothing better than seeing a woman make moves and look great while saving a little money.  Today, we highlight Daisy Lewellyn, Style Expert and star of Bravo’s hit series “Blood, Sweat, and Heels”, who in her everyday work strives to help women look and feel amazing without sacrificing their bank accounts.

Exclusive Interview by Afriyie Amankwaa (AA) for Shoeholics

AA: First off, let me just say congratulations on the success of Never Pay Retail Again:
Shop Smart Spend Less Look Your Best Ever
! How does it feel to have such a critically acclaimed book?

Daisy: It’s been great!  It’s something that everybody can benefit from because hey, we all wanna save money! We all want to pay less for Prada and have the champagne style on a sparkling water budget. It’s been pretty fantastic. It hasn’t only been fantastic for me. I just really love to have the power to have the ability to help people enhance their lifestyle. I think when you dress; better, you work better, when you look better, you feel better.

AA: On “Blood, Sweat, and Heels”, you just have a way of making your wardrobe, especially your shoes, look fabulous. What’s the most that you’ve ever spent on a pair of shoes?

Daisy:  [laughs] Shoes are definitely something that you don’t have to feel bad for investing in. When I say investing in, I mean that it’s OK to spend a little more money on them. They can just last you longer. The most I’ve [probably] spent on a pair shoes… and you’re going to crack up about this but I’m telling the truth… was a pair of Costume National boots that I got for about $300 working as an assistant at Instyle Magazine. I just thought OMG! this was so much money. People don’t know that when you start working in magazines you don’t make a lot of money. You make like the bare minimum but working in an industry where you have to look like you make a lot of money. I bought those boots and loved them. They were dark brown, flat, riding boots with an amazing texture on the back and on the toe. And I still wear those boots to this day.

AA: When did you get them?

Daisy: This was ten years ago. I’ve taken them to the shoe repairer to get them conditioned. Every winter, they get a new heel and they are still with me. So, even though I paid $300 ten years ago, I feel like I just paid $3 because I really got my money’s worth.

AA: Did you ever get worried that they would go out of style and people would just be like OK, she’s cheap?

Daisy: Are you kidding?! No. You don’t spend money on fads but classic trends. Classic trends to me are things that are very stylish and a trend but a classic. So, riding boots are the classic trend for fall. The trench coat is a classic trend for spring. I love riding boots and the best thing about them is that they’re stylish and comfortable! So, you do not have to walk in pain and you look stylish. They suck in your legs and you look even skinnier, which we love!!

AA:  You wore a bold orange dress with orange booties and gold accessories on the Meredith Viera show. Didn’t you think that was over the top? Wouldn’t you have matched your shoes to your accessories or just wear black shoes?

Daisy: I’m from California and I think that has its advantages when it comes to fashion. I’ve never been afraid of color. I also believe the way that you dress reflects the way that you feel. I’m a very happy person and wearing a lot of colors makes me happy. So, I like to say that I wear a lot of happy clothes.

I don’t believe that Black shoes are the holy grail of every outfit. There are colors that you can wear. You can wear navy shoes, orange shoes and wear them with just as many colors as you can wear with black. So as a stylist, it’s my job to make sure women are comfortable with bold colors such as orange. Some people aren’t comfortable with color so we might not start off with an orange bootie like I wore. But, maybe we can start something like an orange clutch or wallet. You have to take baby steps when it comes into the world of color but before you know it you’ll be wearing orange head to toe!


Daisy on the Meredith Viera show


AA: Are there any colors that are just a “no – no” and should not go together?

Daisy: I’m all about breaking fashion rules but feel that you need to do what makes the most sense for you. I don’t really like it (and maybe I broke my own rule on the Meredith Vieria show) when people are too “matchy matchy”. I wore the orange dress and orange bootie. If I wore something else that was orange, it wouldn’t have complimented the outfit at all. If I wore orange earrings, orange necklace, orange panties I would’ve been basic. Being too “matchy matchy” makes you 1.) Look older 2.) Look like you’re limiting yourself. It’s a common thing in older African American women. I don’t know why. But, they love to have that one color and rock it head to toe!  At church, they have the red hat, red dress, and red jacket! So, don’t think if it matches but just think does this combination go together well.

AA: If you had to trade your shoe closet with another celebrity, who would it be?

Daisy: That’s a great question. Everyone is looking so darn good these days.  I really like Blake Lively’s style. She always looks great on the red carpet. But, I also really love Beyonce. She always has a great pair of heels on and is just the queen. Actually, I think Beyonce would win because she always has a great pair of heels on when she’s wearing jeans or even playing with her daughter.

AA: Are you looking at any new designers for the winter season?

Daisy: I love my classic designers like DVF but also have my eye on LaQuan Smith. He’s style Rihanna, Wendy Williams at the Soul Train Awards. He’s pure style and is just fearless in his designs and his designs just speak so much. So, I really got my eye on him.

AA: What is the winter must have?

Daisy: OMG. I have two things: 1.) I need a black cashmere pullover sweater from Bloomingdales 2.) A black fur scarf just because I love fur and can bring glam to any outfit.


Blake Lively

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Micam! A Shoeholic’s Fantasy!

May 1, 2014 in General Blogs, Uncategorized by Manuela Rumsey

If you have been to the Micam, you have experienced the ultimate shoe nirvana. Held twice a year in Milan, Italy, the Micam is the world’s premier trade show for footwear. Manufacturers and retailers from all corners of the earth converge over this glorious four-day shoe orgy to buy, sell, and celebrate shoes.

The Micam is a euphoria-inducing shoefest. The endless buffet of platforms, wedges, espadrilles, motorcycle boots, and Swarovski-covered everything may overwhelm even the most die-hard shoeholic. Fear not for your pocketbook, however, because you cannot walk out of the Micam with any shoes other than the ones that you wore into it. You must instead satisfy yourself with precious memories (and surreptitiously taken photos).

The Micam takes place at Milano Fiera, a sprawling exhibition complex just northwest of Milan. In all, the Micam Spring 2014 hosted 1,600 exhibitors. They are grouped into general categories such as young women’s sporty and ladies’ dressy. After cruising the aisles a bit and a few cappuccinos, you get the general flavor of the hot trends. Biker boots, platforms, and blingy heels start to repeat. The most striking and unusual shoes then begin to stand out.

Here is a sampling:

New Rock shoes don’t just stand out–they scream! These unapologetically in-your-face shoes and boots are the baddest of badass glam rock shoes. Their aggressive metal and leather combinations are covered with buckles, steel toes, and tons of devil-may-care attitude. Michael Jackson probably had that in mind when he wore them on stage.

Equally arresting, and yet utterly opposite, Due Italiani’s sandals are unfiltered innocence and flirtation. Their brightly hued wood wedges are hand painted with floral motifs. In fact, looking at all their colorful bags and sandals felt a little like watching birds of paradise in a human-size birdcage. Of the many fun sandals at the Micam, they were certainly some of the most original.

The rest can be described one word—sparkle! And lots of it. Sparkle on boots, flats, sandals, sparkly buckles, sparkly heels. The exhibit with most noticeable amount of it, was Francesco Sacco. Wedges, platforms, stilettos, and high tops—there is no form of footwear that Mr. Sacco cannot (or will not) adorn with crystals. His shoes incorporated practically every shade or hue a woman could have in her wardrobe. Even his more sober (okay, matronly) shoe-and-bag ensembles were adorned with enough crystals to make any other sequins or jewelry seem silly.

Sadly, not all calzaturieri at the Micam allow everyone to see their shoes. Higher-profile brands like Sergio Rossi and Giuseppe Zanotti are completely inaccessible to all but a select few. Their booths are entirely enclosed with only a small door that is carefully guarded to ensure that only those on “the list” are allowed to enter the inner sanctum. You would have better luck getting into Fort Knox. If you really want to see the truly breath-taking artistry of these masters in one place, go to the Rinascente department store in downtown Milan. Your pocketbook will regret it but your heart will not.

The sharply dressed people who attend the Micam come from all over the world. It’s the United Nations of footwear. Many of the exhibitors and buyers will return in the fall. The rest of us will have a few brochures as mementos. And then we set our sights on the next adventure….handbags at the Mipel.

Do you have questions about shoe shopping in Italy? Send Manuela Rumsey a message.

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 12.52.06 PM

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Shoes Aren’t Just For Fashion!

May 17, 2013 in General Blogs, Uncategorized by Jessica-Joan M Richards

In today’s world of excess, luxury, beauty and more, more, more, the world is increasingly growing accustomed to those who live the life of wealth whether or not they have the finances to do so. And the biggest causes of excess? Fashion. Shoes are the biggest accessories, which are growing in sales every single day. With different styles like, sandals, ballet pumps, heels or boots, the ever expanding repertoire of shoes means there’s no such thing as ‘having it all’ so why do we feel an impulse to purchase the latest heels from Chanel, why do you need the ballet pumps from Tory Burch (that look exactly like the ones you bought from Topshop)?

Ruth Richards, a second year nursing student, is among many women who feel an impulse upon seeing a pair of ‘to die for’ shoes that she ‘must have’. And when it comes to the excess of shoes Ruth said “It can be seen as an addiction, I’ve walked into a store before and seen a pair of gorgeous sandal heels in black, then I saw them in white and then in brown, but they were ‘perfect’ and I’d been looking for that style for such a long time, I couldn’t decide which one I wanted, so I bought them all.”

Fashion is 4 dimensional, it’s expanding and there are no limits, shoes are just a small dot in the whole spectrum and are becoming its own society. But there are so many reasons people feel the need to buy new shoes. You might have had a bad day, a good day, you might have just lost your job or have been promoted, either way sometimes you just need something nice, something that bind men with men or women with women. Something so simple yet universal, because if you have a love for shoes, it will show, and someone equally as fanatic will see and it can bring us all together.

Ruth said “I’ve been at a club and been watching two girls fight, then one turned to me and saw my new boots and said ‘Hey I’ve been looking for shoes like that where did you get them from?’ and we started talking, and it’s like the whole
commotion never happened…it kind of brought us together, gave us a common bond…and I feel like that’s the biggest message really, the most positive one. Shoes may just be shoes to some people, but they can be so powerful as to bond people together.”

By proud member Jessica Richards exclusively for All rights reserved.

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Great Heights! Trending Right Now – High, Higher, Highest Platforms!

July 9, 2012 in General Blogs by Selena Emi Arnold

I couldn’t possibly be the only one in love with platforms right now, could I?
If you went into a store looking for some stylish but flat or low-heeled shoes, what would you find? Probably very little! You’ve likely noticed it already – it’s high, higher and yet higher platforms everywhere you look – pencil heels, block heels, wedges – with chunky platform soles.
Why platforms are a good idea
Platforms give you height without the pain and discomfort associated with wearing very high heels. The chunky, raised soles give you an advantage to start with, and the added heels give you an even higher elevation.
So the angle at which your foot fits into the shoe is not as steep and you are more comfortable, even with a half a dozen added inches. Platforms are a great way to add inches and to create the illusion of extraordinarily long legs.
Platform shoes – so many variations to choose from
Platform shoes have been around for a very long time. Even as far back as the 1930’s and 1950’s they were around in some or other rudimentary form, but really came into their own during the flower power 60’s and 70’s.
However the remarkable variation and variety that we see today in platform heels is a first. Designers have embraced with shoe wholeheartedly and have given us creative styles in platforms the like of which have never been seen before.
There are the cork-soled platforms that are currently so very popular. There are platforms with ankle straps, braids, ribbons, bows and ruffles as well as other embellishments.
Then there are the wooden soled platform shoes that usually have some rubber soling as well. And we mustn’t forget the platform boot – ankle length, calf length, thigh high…
Various materials are used for creating platforms – rubber, plastic, fiberglass, Lucite, wood, cork, foam, and a whole lot besides.
There are so many possibilities and variations possible with the platform shoe; this is probably what challenges and inspires designers to set the bar high, higher and yet higher – delighting us and amazing us!
I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this! ☺


McQueen: The Heeless Wonder, It’s Here To Stay!

March 15, 2012 in General Blogs, News by Administrator

The heeless trend is here to stay. You saw it on Victoria Beckham a few years ago, a fashionista (pictured below) rocked his version in NYC sometime in 2010. Guiseppe Zanotti also did it for Spring/Summer 2012. So here we are, the McQueen label is helping to ensure the trend is going to be more of a permanent staple in fashion. I dare say, we love it!

Our guest writer Kim Turner (pictured farther below) did some digging up on this moving trend as well and echos our sentiments:

Alexander McQueen’s Heel Less Heel

When the heelless heels made their debut, they seem to be a shoe fit for a Lady Gaga type performer. However, they have shown that they have a broader mass appeal. Several celebrities such as Angela Simmons, Lucy Liu, Nicki Minaj etc have been spotted wearing these heel less wonders.

Alexander McQueen is keeping this trend rolling with his Fall 2012 line. Several pairs of heel less shoes were spotted on the McQueen runway but one pair in particular was eye-catching. I’m not sure how the model stood up but this shoe certainly stood out. Although we may have needed a little more presence of a heel, there’s no denying the fact that this is a hot shoe!


A fashionista in New York City in 2010. Photo courtesy of Outrageousviews

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Special thanks to contributing guest writer Kim Turner of Shoecloszet blog


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