Toddler Dances To Beyonce’s Hit Song In Heels!

Toddler Dances To Beyonce's Hit Song In Heels!

Words can not describe how we feel about this mini Shoeholic rocking a pair of high heels to the hit[...]

Shoeholics Gives Back To Alzheimer’s Cause

Shoeholics Gives Back To Alzheimer's Cause

Last night at the Waldorf Astoria, the 31st anniversary Alzheimer’s Association Rita Haywort[...]

“Street Style” At The Comic Con

"Street Style" At The Comic Con

Leave it to movie buffs and alternative fashionistas to take advantage of Comic Con to live out thei[...]

Shoeholics Magazine: The 2014 Holiday Issue!

Shoeholics Magazine: The 2014 Holiday Issue!

The 2014 holiday issue IS A HOT EDITION starring TV personality and fashion model Cynthia Bailey[...]

A Show Stopping JLO!

A Show Stopping JLO!

It's safe to say only JLO can pull this off. Could Jennifer Lopez be throwing major shades at the yo[...]


Art In Motion…When You Walk!

Art In Motion...When You Walk!

Walk into a room full of people and have them gawking and talking about you instantly without having[...]

Strut In Bambi

Strut In Bambi

Have you got a thing for Bambi? Irregular Choice just came to the rescue! Let your inner kid shine, [...]

Got Hooves?

Got Hooves?

Talk about wearable art at its finest! Got hooves? Click here to grab your FREE COPY of Shoeholic[...]

Flats Couture!

Flats Couture!

Paul Andrew tortoise PVC and black smooth calfskin T-strap sandals detailed with wraparound ankle st[...]

Talk The Talk, Walk The Walk

Talk The Talk, Walk The Walk

The shoes were made for talking! Sophia Webster reminds every city girl on-the-go to always 'Talk th[...]


Micam! A Shoeholic's Fantasy!

If you have been to the Micam, you have experienced the ultimate shoe nirvana. Held twice a year in [...]

Shoes Aren't Just For Fashion!

In today’s world of excess, luxury, beauty and more, more, more, the world is increasingly growing a[...]

Great Heights! Trending Right Now – High, Higher, Highest Platforms!

I couldn’t possibly be the only one in love with platforms right now, could I? If you went into a s[...]

I am a Shoeholic

I love shoes and connecting with everyone on this site[...]

McQueen: The Heeless Wonder, It's Here To Stay!

The heeless trend is here to stay. You saw it on Victoria Beckham a few years ago, a fashionista[...]